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Through a university-wide conversation about student learning and careful analysis of assessment data, ETSU has selected information fluency as the focus of its forthcoming Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). INtopFORM will enable and encourage ETSU students to excel in seeking, using and communicating diverse and often complex information. The plan defines excellence with respect to six abilities essential for students' professional success, personal fulfillment and active citizenship. Students who are INtopFORM ask insightful questions and are persistent and resourceful when seeking information. They thoughtfully evaluate the credibility and implications of information. They use information skillfully to accomplish their purposes and communicate information effectively to aid others' understanding. They recognize their ethical obligations when seeking, using and communicating information. Underlying all of these abilities are attitudes of curiosity, disciplined skepticism and independence of thought.

Click to read the executive summary of the plan: INtopFORM Executive Summary

Click the following link to read the entire plan:  INtopFORM:  Insightful Questions, Informed Answers

Mid-year Report


"True genius resides in the capacity or evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information."

-Winston Churchill

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