Frequently Asked Questions

What is "INtopFORM"?

INtopFORM is East Tennessee State University's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). The primary goal of the QEP is to promote excellence in information fluency.

What is information fluency?

Information fluency is a core critical thinking skill. It includes the ability to seek, evaluate, and use diverse sources of information when resolving difficult questions, addressing challenging problems, achieving creative aims, and pursuing new lines of inquiry in scholarly and real-world contexts.

How will INtopFORM affect me as a student?

As a student, you will benefit from new material and instruction methods that promote information fluency. You will have a chance to flex your intellectual muscles in areas such as curiosity, disciplined skepticism and independent thinking.

How will INtopFORM affect me as a faculty or staff member?

As a faculty or staff member, you will have the opportunity to develop pedagogical strategies that will introduce and enhance information fluency skills. There are two ways to participate in INtopFORM as a faculty member. You can participate as a whole program of study or you may apply individually for a faculty fellowship.

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