Programs of Study

Faculty in programs of student are invited to create and implement a multi-year plan to help all students in a program of study (major or concentration) attain all six INtopFORM learning outcomes. Support for this participation includes a one time compensation for the project leaders of up to $2000 per faculty member (Max of $6000)and other workshops and resources.Read more about enhancing mastery in programs of study.

2016/17 Program of Study Participants




Arts and Sciences Literature & Language English, B.A. (all concentrations) 
  Sociology & Anthropology Sociology, B.A., B.S. 
Business and Technology Engineering Technology Engineering Technology, B.S. (all concentrations)
Public Health Community & Behavioral Health Public Health, B.S. (Community Health concentration)
  Health Services Management & Policy Public Health, B.S.  (Health Care Administration concentration)
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