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Institute for Quantitative Biology

East Tennessee State University

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Our mission is to:

  • Foster interdisciplinary collaborations between faculty in the life sciences and quantitative sciences

  • Support the development of new curriculum and educational experiences that address the intellectual development and professional goals of students interested in mathematics, biology and biomedical fields

  • Provide a vehicle to disseminate the latest information in  rapidly evolving fields such as computational biology, bioinformatics, computational statistics, mathematical epidemiology and modeling in biomedical science.

 Starting Summer 2014- A new graduate certificate in Mathematical Modeling in Bioscience.

This certificate is offered as an online degree and consists of 5 courses:

Math 5830- Analytics and Predictive Modeling

Math 5840- Networks and Systems

Math 5870- Mathematical Modeling using Graph Theory 

Math 5880- Modeling of Infectious Diseases and Social Networks

Math 5890- Stochastic Modeling

Please see Certificate for more information about the program.

See a flyer for the program here!


To receive more information about the program, contact Debra Knisley at






The High-Performance Computing Center is available for your computational needs.

Contact for more information.



Joint 2013 MBI-NIMBioS-CAMBAM Summer Graduate Workshop Connecting Biological Data with Mathematical Models was held June 17-28, 2013. The workshop was organized by Ariel Cintron-Arias (IQB Fellow and Mathematics Assistant Professor) and Ben Bolker (McMaster University); Marisa Eisenberg (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor); Gregor Fussmann (McGill University); Suzanne Lenhart (University of Tennessee, Knoxville); Brian Leung (McGill University); Russell Zaretzki (University of Tennessee, Knoxville).

The Departments of Biological Sciences and Mathematics & Statistics have been awarded an NSF-UBM grant to conduct the CRAWL Project.

Congratulations to:
P.I.s T.Jones(Bio), K.Joplin(Bio), M.Joyner(Math), D.Moore(Bio) & E.Seier(Stat)

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