Chair - Dr. Karen King, Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice Provost

Dr. David Currie, Chairperson of the Academic/Instructional Technology Subcommittee 
Dr. BJ King, Chairperson of the Administrative Technology Subcommittee
_______________Chairperson of the Telecommunications/Networking Technology Subcommittee 
Myra Jones and Joe Sherlin, Chairpersons of the Technology Access Fee Subcommittee
Michaele Laws, Chairperson of the Web Steering Subcommittee
Dr. Eric Sellers, Chairperson of the Research Subcommittee
Dr. Kathy Kelley, Chairperson of the Security Subcommittee
________________, President of the Student Government Association 
Dr. Bert Bach, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs or representative
Dr. David Collins, Vice President for Finance and Administration
Sylvester Renner, Vice President for Health Affairs or representative 
Dr. Donald Samples, Vice President for Administration
Haley Stiltner, Vice President for University Advancement or representative
Mr. Andy Salley (ex-officio), Director of Facilities Management
Mr. Richard Sheuch (ex-officio), Representative from Internal Audit

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