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Web Technology Services

Information Technology Services

Companies and organizations which have many web pages in their website use content management systems to build and edit their webpages. A Content Management System is essentially a frame work which allows for the sharing of common elements across many different pages. This efficiency helps the web team locate, track and make changes to many pages in the ETSU web site very quickly. 

ETSU's website consists of over 600 subsites and about 10,000 individual web pages!

Each department is ultimately responsible for web updates and the quality of content in its site.


Access and Training

 To get access to your website you must first attend our CMS training

Training workshops are provided for all departments upon the approval of the department administrator. At the completion of the workshop the participants will be able to:

  • Login to CMS using their ETSU username and password
  • Import documents or images that will be used within the website pages
  • Create new pages within their website
  • Edit, make changes, save and submit pages to their websites
  • Format text, use links, insert images and tables in a webpage

To download or view the training material click Handout

Before attending a workshop each user will need approval from the departments administrator and an account in the content management system. The administrator can contact either  or  by email to approve the new user. The user can then register for the workshop and the Web Technology will set up the user with an account.

If student workers or graduate assistants will be updating the website, we recommend that in addition to the student, a full-time staff or faculty member will also be attending training. This helps ensure consistency when student turnover occurs.


Log into OU Campus

Each page in in our CMS has a dedicated login button giving you access to log directly into the page you would like to edit.

Click on the copyright symbol © at the bottom of any page you have access to to edit that page.

Current Template

  • built with HTML code that conforms to WCAG 2.0 accessibility requirements at a minimum of level "AA"  (see more information about accessibility requirements)

  • utilization of HTML 5 code where appropriate and implementation of the HTML 5 WYSIWYG editor within OU Campus

  • responsive code design, so that site content will stack and render nicely on handheld devices

  • use of more accessible one level "drop down" left navigation (as opposed to fly-out navigation)

  • elimination of HTML tables for layout; addition of many snippets that can be used to layout information horizontally

  • easy creation of faculty/staff pages utilizing built-in functionality for creating a facstaff "directory" page and individual CV pages

  • new, simpler image gallery option that will render responsively on handheld devices

  • ability to track analytics on your site pages from within OU Campus

  • automatic accessibility and spell checking



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