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Website Migration to Responsive Template

Once all sub-sites have been migrated and reviewed, all sites in the unit will be made live at one time. We will not be able to make sub-sites live one at a time.

The web team will work with the unit representatives and the dean or provost to determine a good launch date.  The entire launch process will be handled by the web team, with no action required on the part of the unit representatives.  In most cases, the root portion of the web address will stay the same. Example:  site at address /academicaffairs/elearning/ats/  will still remain at /academicaffairs/elearning/ats/ after the launch.  However, please note that the web page extensions will be changed from .aspx to .php. Example:  /academicaffairs/elearning/ats/default.aspx will become /academicaffairs/elearning/ats/default.php

Updating Links that Point to Your Site

The web team will work to identify links to that point to all sub-sites from across the web. These links will need to be updated after the unit launch. Because we cannot update these links before the site is launched, it may take 24-48 hours to get all links across the website to accurately reflect the new page locations for each sub-site.

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