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Website Migration to Responsive Template

The Order

Due to accreditation requirements and some grant requirements, we will be moving all academic units first, on a college by college basis (see "The Process" below).  After colleges and schools are finished, we will begin migrating administrative units.

We have moved/are moving a few sites into the new template based on specific requests from the President. The order in which the remaining units are moved depends on

  • whether the unit is academic or administrative
  • whether the dean or provost has requested the move
  • any special time sensitive requirements for that unit (upcoming accreditation visit, grant deadline, etc)

The Process

Sites will be moved in large units:  college/school or main academic unit. Due to server implementation constraints, we cannot move one individual site one at a time.  We must move all sites within a college or unit and then make all the sites live at one time. For example, when we move "College of Arts and Sciences" we will move every department under the college and the college site itself.  Once all the sites have been migrated and reviewed by each respective department, then all College of Arts and Sciences sites will go live.

The process for migrating sites will focus on accurate content and improved accessibility.  The web team will determine any needed changes to the underlying architecture to accommodate the changes in navigation structure.  Due to time constraints, the web team will not be able to incorporate major design or structural changes during this migration process.  If a sub-site would like to participate in a redesign process, we will make a note of that and revisit that sub-site after the entire ETSU migration process is complete.  


If you would like to request that your site be moved into the new template

  • review the sample migration agreement to get more information about what will be required from you and what the web team will be doing
  • check the migration progress page to see if your site is already in the queue
  • if your site is not in the queue to be moved, talk to your dean or provost about requesting that the entire unit (the parent unit of your site) be moved. Visit the getting started page for more information on how to request your site be moved.
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