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Website Migration to Responsive Template

Step by Step instruction for checking pages in OU Campus

Page Check Steps


Log into OU Campus from your departments home page



Click on the Content Menu, then (from the dropdown) the Pages option to view your site in the Page List View as seen below.

Page List View in OU Campus


Open the File Navigation by clicking on the yellow folder in the left hand corner.

File Navigation folder in OU Campus


In the File Navigation you will see the list of your folders and pages. If your site information is not listed, click on the lock at the top of the File Navigation. Next to each folder on your website you will see an arrow that is pointing to toward the folder. By clicking on each arrow the pages and folders that are in that folder will display below the folder. 

 Open file navigation in OU Campus


Open each page in every folder that you have access to by clicking on the name of the page. You will then be able to view the page in the right pane. 

Check each page for:

  • blank pages or pages with only 1 link or sentence of content - make a note on the page check sheet*
  • error trying to open or save the page - make a note on the page check sheet*
  • errors in content (bad or outdated information, broken links, etc) - CORRECT!
  • spelling errors - CORRECT!

*The page check sheet is located on the Migration Site page.

 Open page in OU Campus


When you click on a page in the File Navigation the folder of the page that you clicked on will be displayed. To return to the full list of your site go to the breadcrumbs at the top of the File Navigation and click on your department name. See below for the red arrow pointing to the breadcrumbs:

 Bread crumb in the file Navigation in OU Campus


As you check pages, record and mark these pages as complete in the record keeping form for your site.


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