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Website Migration to Responsive Template

This site is built in the new responsive template. So as you navigate through this site, you will notice the new design look and several new content snippets that will be available to you as layout options.

We created this layout and design to more closely match the design of the homepage and top level pages. However, the underlying architecture is equally, if not more important.  Some improvements in this CMS template are

  • built with HTML code that conforms to WCAG 2.0 accessibility requirements at a minimum of level "AA"  (see more information about accessibility requirements)
  • utilization of HTML 5 code where appropriate and implementation of the HTML 5 WYSIWYG editor within OU Campus
  • responsive code design, so that site content will stack and render nicely on handheld devices
  • use of more accessible one level "drop down" left navigation (as opposed to fly-out navigation)
  • elimination of HTML tables for layout; addition of many snippets that can be used to layout information horizontally
  • easy creation of faculty/staff pages utilizing built-in functionality for creating a facstaff "directory" page and individual CV pages
  • new, simpler image gallery option that will render responsively on handheld devices
  • ability to track analytics on your site pages from within OU Campus
  • automatic accessibility and spell checking

New Web Server

In addition to a new template, your site will also be migrated to a new, much faster web server.  This new server configuration will allow for redundancy and balancing of web traffic to help improve performance.  

Because of the new server, you will notice that published pages in your new site will have a different file extension.  Your new pages will end in .php (instead of .aspx).  To see an example of this, look in the address bar of this page and note the page name is "templateinfo.php".  Pages within OU campus will still have the same file extension (.pcf).

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