Specific objectives of the Center are to:

  • Enhance the understanding of life through time by conducting original research and disseminating the results at professional meetings, in peer-reviewed publications, in the media, and through public lectures;
  • Explore opportunities and seek financial support for paleontological research and education;
  • Provide support through grants and fund-raising efforts for ETSU students studying paleontology by offering competitive annual travel grants and research scholarships;
  • Assist the ETSU and General Shale Brick Natural History Museum in developing scientifically accurate exhibits, activities, and tours;
  • Support visiting researchers who will bring their paleontological expertise to ETSU through collaborations with members of the Center;
  • Organize an annual lecture series and/or conference that brings together Center members, other professionals, students, amateurs, and the general public to share and discuss on-going paleontological research;
  • Oversee maintenance and excavation of the Gray Fossil Site to ensure the scientific integrity of the site;
  • Maintain a website that advertises paleontological research and educational activities of the Center.
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