ETSU dental hygiene student Angela Haynes wins national award

Angela Haynes

JOHNSON CITY (May 17, 2013) –Angela Haynes, a December 2012 graduate of East Tennessee State University’s dental hygiene program, has placed third for the Dental Hygiene Student Merit Award for Outstanding Achievement in Community Dentistry given by the American Association of Public Health Dentistry.

Haynes completed her work on this winning project in the Rural and Community Dental Health Education course in the spring 2012 semester. The class is taught by Dr. Deborah Dotson, associate professor and coordinator of online courses for the dental hygiene program within ETSU’s Department of Allied Health Sciences.

The project was developed to provide dental health assessment, educational and clinical services, and evaluation and follow-up to a group of developmentally disabled adults, 79 percent of whom were not receiving dental care.

The project culminated in group presentations for both clients and staff; individualized patient education for clients and their caregivers, based on the client’s abilities; cleanings; periodontal therapy; and restorative care for all clients in need, in addition to smoking cessation education for two clients.

There was no funding for the project. Instead, all supplies and several thousand dollars worth of dental treatment were donated.

Haynes represented ETSU by presenting a poster of her work at the National Oral Health Conference in Huntsville, Ala.

This is the fifth time in recent years that ETSU students have been recognized by the American Association of Public Health Dentistry for outstanding community projects, and four of those students, including Haynes, have been online degree completion students.

For further information, call the ETSU dental hygiene program at (423) 439-4497.

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