ETSU’s Dr. Phyllis Thompson to speak on violence against women


JOHNSON CITY (July 23, 2013) — The Tennessee Economic Council on Women (TECW) will hold its ninth and final public hearing on violence against women on Wednesday, July 31, from 8 a.m.-noon at the Robert Taylor Salon in the Carnegie Hotel.

East Tennessee State University's Dr. Phyllis Thompson, director of Women's Studies and an associate professor of Literature and Language, will be a featured speaker.

The hearings will collect data from the eight-county First Tennessee Development District as part of a statewide campaign to gather information about the cost of violent crime to Tennessee communities. The resulting report will expand on the Economic Council's 2006 study, which revealed more than $174 million in reported costs caused by domestic violence in Tennessee.

The current work will include an update of that information and will also address the economic impact of human sex trafficking and sexual assault. The completed report will be released to the public at the Tennessee Women's Economic Summit held in Nashville in late October.

Thompson notes, "The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that one in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime and one in six women will be raped; 54 percent of these rapes will be perpetrated against girls under the age of 18. What these statistics don't tell, but the upcoming hearing will show, is that while part of the population is violated, 100 percent of the citizens of Tennessee are affected. Violence against women is not only a women's issue; it affects us all."

The hearing is made possible with support from Mountain States Health Alliance and the Carnegie Hotel.

For more information or for special assistance for those with disabilities, contact Thompson at (423) 439-4135. To learn more about the TECW hearings, visit

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