ETSU PRIDE Week Student Spotlight: Andrew Malone

Andrew Malone

Some people seem to live life at top speed, as if they have a personal “fast forward” button. Andrew Malone is one of those people.

Now beginning his second year at ETSU, Malone is only two credit hours short of attaining classification as a senior, thanks to Advanced Placement and dual enrollment classes in high school and a full summer school schedule. “I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I weren’t always busy,” he says.

And so, of course, Malone is pursuing a double major: finance and accounting. As focused as he is on academics, however, he hasn’t chosen a particular career. “Both majors cover broad fields,” he notes, “so I’m just going to see where they lead me.” One way he is exploring his options is through Beta Alpha Psi accounting society, which he serves as vice president. He is also a member of the Students of Finance Association and was vice president last year.

Outside the classroom, Malone shows equal determination. He plays for the Rugby Club at ETSU. “It is a very physical sport,” he says, “and I enjoy it. The team plays at a very high, competitive level with a schedule that included Duke University last year.”

Malone serves as the team treasurer, a position vital to the team’s continued success. Through dues and raising funds by selling rugby T-shirts and sweatshirts, the team gains ETSU matching funds.

“I had never played rugby before coming to ETSU,” Malone says. “I was invited to watch a game by my Preview leader, who was on the team. From that first experience, I knew I’d like the game.”

In addition, he plays a variety of intramural sports, including soccer, volleyball, dodge ball and Ultimate Frisbee. That background made him a natural to serve as head of the Homecoming intramural committee.

Malone’s Preview experience was so enjoyable that he volunteered as a Preview leader this year. “Preview leaders become a family,” he notes. “The leaders are a very diverse group, but all of them share the same love of leadership and service.”

ETSU PRIDE Week is a favorite time for Malone. “School spirit is constantly growing at ETSU,” he explains. “PRIDE Week is a great way to start the academic year—and everyone looks forward to the free ‘give-aways’ to get the year off to a fun beginning.”

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