Jack Wesson

Jack Wesson

Many people on the East Tennessee State University campus have seen — or even worn — Jack Wesson’s work. The senior, a digital media major, has designed logos and T-shirts for quite a few organizations, including the Honors College, the East Tennessean student newspaper and Dance Marathon.


Wesson, who hails from Franklin, says, “ETSU was the only place I applied to go to college, even though the closest I’d ever been to Johnson City was Knoxville. I knew in high school that digital media was the field I loved, and the program here has the highest level of quality. Many of my friends have changed their majors a time or two, but I knew from the beginning that I was on the right path.”


Wesson has made good friends among fellow majors. He explains, “The digital media program is small enough that the majors all get to know each other well. Also, I am a University Honors Scholar, and those of us in the program become really close through classes and activities.”

Collaboration is an aspect of his field that Wesson enjoys, too. “I like seeing what others are doing,” he said. “Everyone is excited to share their ideas and work. An idea that one person passes along may spark many other projects for fellow students.”

Currently, Wesson is working on completing his thesis research project for the Honors College by creating a full 3-D environment for a video game. “It’s a great chance to explore something outside of your normal class schedule, something you’re really passionate about,” he says.

Wesson hopes to enter the video game industry after graduation, and he knows that may require a move to California or the Pacific Northwest. “My preference,” he says, “would be to go to Seattle. I even like the weather there.”

Seattle might be a good choice because it would allow Wesson to pursue his love of snowboarding. “I haven’t had time to do much snowboarding because I’ve been so busy with school,” he says. He will make up for lost time by heading to Austria over the semester break, where he should find plenty of perfect snow. 

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