ETSU hosts Migrant Student Leadership Conference

MSLC students work in a community garden.

ETSU recently hosted the eighth annual Migrant Student Leadership Conference for 45 migrant high school students from across the state. 

Throughout the one-week event, participants lived on campus and received a taste of the college experience.  They were engaged with community leaders and ETSU faculty, who encouraged them to graduate from high school and pursue further education to benefit them in their future careers.

The schedule included leadership and teamwork exercises and a résumé-writing workshop.

Community service was a large focus of the program.  Students helped in Tree Streets community gardens and a beautification effort at South Side Elementary School.

At the end of every evening, students participated in physical activities, including soccer, volleyball and classes in Zumba and kung fu.

Throughout the week, participants spent time writing an essay about a personal experience that made them grow as individuals.  They also created websites, where they could publish journal entries.

A highlight of the week was a Career Exploration Day, during which they visited 10 ETSU departments and colleges to learn more about prospective majors and careers, as well as scholarship opportunities.

Students presented their essays and copies of their résumés in the “Final Fiesta.”  In addition, Migrant Education Scholarships were awarded to two outstanding students.

Carolina Quiroga was the program coordinator.

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