WRC Director Harriet Masters receives 2015 Career Award

Harriet Masters was presented the 2015 Career Award by Staff Senate President Josh Whitlock (left) and ETSU President Dr. Brian Noland.

JOHNSON CITY (Oct. 1, 2015) – Harriet Masters recently received the Career Award for 2015 at East Tennessee State University.

The Career Award is presented annually by the Staff Senate to a staff member who has provided a significant contribution to the university by perseverance in achieving assigned tasks, whose loyalty to the university is well-established, and who has demonstrated quality performance over the years.

Masters, who has served as director of the ETSU Women’s Resource Center (WRC) since its inception in the mid-1990s, has been with the university for 36 years.

“During her tenure at ETSU, Ms. Masters has always been a strong advocate for women and supporter of women’s rights on campus,” her nominator stated.  “As director of the Women’s Resource Center, she puts that mission into action.”

In that role, Masters coordinates “lunch break” seminar series for women employees and students in the areas of health, safety, finance, personal development and more, as well as a Book Review Group that meets monthly to discuss works by and about women.

In collaboration with other offices, departments and committees on campus, Masters is instrumental in planning and organizing such events as the Staff Woman of the Year Award presentation, Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) classes, Women’s History Month and Take Back the Night, an annual program that raises awareness regarding sexual violence.

In addition, Masters serves on the ETSU Commission for Women Standing Committee and Women’s Studies Program Steering Committee.  In the community, she is active with the March of Dimes and the Monday Club Auxiliary of Johnson City.

Masters “is not only dedicated to ETSU, but she has also committed herself to helping all faculty, staff and students become better people, leaders and women,” her nominator said.  She “is always willing to share her skills and knowledge with other departments and help out any way she can.  Her job is not an easy one, but it is one that she does well and does proudly every single day.  Conditions for women staff, faculty and students on this campus are significantly better because of the day-to-day work of Harriet Masters.”

“Masters never takes credit,” wrote one faculty member in support of her nomination.  “She attends everything and has been the co-sponsor of most events and initiatives but always stands in the background, organizing from behind the scenes, but letting others have the recognition.  Yet, she has been a constant, consistent, and unfailing presence for women’s advocacy and clear voice for women’s issues on this campus. 

“For her forward-thinking vision, Masters deserves our respect.  For her untiring work to make ETSU and the surrounding community a safer, more welcoming, and more supportive environment for women and all individuals, she deserves our gratitude.”
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