Faculty/Staff Professional Activities

ETSU Amphitheatre

Dr. Istvan Karsai, Biological Sciences, was an invited speaker for the Biological Distributed Algorithm (BDA) 2015 workshop at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  BDA focuses on the relationships between distributed computing and distributed biological systems and, in particular, on analysis and case studies combining the two.  Such research, Karsai says, can lead to better understanding of the behavior of the biological systems while developing novel algorithms that can be used to solve basic distributed computing problems.

Karsai was also an invited keynote speaker at the Social Behaviour and Self-Regulation in Insects, Swarms and Algorithms symposium at the 108th annual meeting of the German Zoological Society.  This symposium featured presentations from researchers examining social insect or other swarm behavior and algorithms based on these behaviors in order to gain insights into the mechanisms of decentral social organization of many biological entities.  Presentations from both biologists and engineering-focused researchers, who use biological swarms as a source of inspiration for the development of new methodologies in science and technology, discussed their results and visions.


Dr. Beth Fox, Family Medicine, is president of the Tennessee Academy of Family Physicians, which supports and advocates for Tennessee family physicians as leaders and providers of quality, comprehensive, patient-centered medical care.

Dr. McKenzie Calhoun, Pharmacy Practice, is chair of the Tennessee Society of Pharmacists, which is part of the Tennessee Pharmacists Association.

Both Fox and Calhoun work at ETSU Family Physicians of Kingsport.  They are part of the faculty that work interprofessionally to educate medical and pharmacy students and residents.


Dr. Cindy Chambers, Teaching and Learning, was recently recognized for completing her service on the governor-appointed Tennessee Council on Developmental Disabilities.


Dr. Rick Wallace, Quillen College of Medicine Library, won top honors from the Southern Chapter of the Medical Library Association (SCMLA) for his paper, “An Assessment of Information Interventions with Isolated Rural Clinicians.”  The objective of this paper, which was co-authored by two additional College of Medicine Library staff members, Nakia Woodward and Elizabeth Wallace, was to analyze the information practices of rural Northeast Tennessee clinicians.  The theme coincided nicely, Wallace noted, with the ETSU medical library’s “strong interest in helping rural clinicians access library resources.”

Papers were evaluated on originality, innovation, organization and clarity of presentation, as well as adherence to the theme of the SCMLA’s annual meeting, “Community, Collaboration and Care.”


Dr. Larry White, chairholder, John H. Poteat Chair of Banking, recently served as moderator of the annual “Fireside Chat: A Regulator Forum” held in Knoxville by the Risk Management Association (RMA), East Tennessee Chapter.  The RMA is a not-for-profit national organization serving the financial services industry by advancing the use of sound risk management principles.  White is a member of the RMA board.

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