Dr. Merry Noel Miller writes women's emotional balance guide

Dr. Merry Noel Miller

JOHNSON CITY (Dec. 8) -- Dr. Merry Noel Miller, professor of psychiatry in the James H. Quillen College of Medicine, is the author of “Finding Your Emotional Balance: A Guide for Women.”

The book is published by Johns Hopkins University Press and is scheduled for general release on Dec. 15, but may be purchased before that date through the publisher or at Amazon.com.

Throughout the book, Miller describes psychological issues that women face during their lives, and mental disorders that are more common or have unique features for women. She describes symptoms that may occur, and offers a variety of remedies, including medical and nonmedical approaches that can help women find balance even in their most stressful times.  

Each section begins with vignettes based on former patients (with identities concealed) or personal experience.

Miller says, “The first half of the book covers the life cycle of women, emphasizing changes that occur over time as a woman ages. The second half of the book consists of more detailed descriptions of disorders and treatments, including chapters on depression, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, bipolar disorder and grief. The final chapter of the book discusses the concept of resilience. Each chapter ends with a list of suggestions, helpful websites and other resources.

For further information, contact Miller at 423-439-2209 or

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