2018 Quillen Simulated Medicine in Action High School Camp

Group- Quillen Simulated Medicine in Action High School Camp

“Simulated Medicine in Action” is a no-cost, week-long summer camp for high school students that is organized and led by medical students at the ETSU James H. Quillen College of Medicine.

The 2018 camp was held the week of June 4. It is an action-packed week that teaches the students about many different aspects of medicine and allows them to take on the role of a healthcare provider as they care for patients in a simulated environment. The beginning of the week focuses on teaching the students valuable skills such as taking patient histories, performing basic physical exams, and developing diagnoses, while the latter part of the week is filled with interactive scenarios where the students will learn how to draw blood, conduct CPR, tie sutures, and perform EKGs, along with many other fun activities. On the final day, the students are broken up into groups and see standardized patients where they are able to review skills they have learned earlier in the week and practice them in realistic patient scenarios.

Students who are interested in attending next year’s camp should keep an eye out next spring for the applications which can be found on the ETSU website. https://www.etsu.edu/com/simlab/summer_camp.php

View photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/tSVBRX4Kc1ob3Bpz8

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