Quillen Associate Dean Named to Advisory Board for Network of Scholarly Journals

Rachel Walden

An Associate Dean in the Quillen College of Medicine at East Tennessee State University has been named to the advisory board for a network of scholarly journals.

Rachel Walden, Associate Dean of Learning Resources for the medical school, will serve on the JAMA Network Library Advisory Board. The JAMA Network represents 13 affiliated medical journals as well as other products and many websites.

As a part of the library advisory board, Walden, whose duties at Quillen include leading the operations of the medical library, will help facilitate a strong partnership between publishers and librarians to fulfill the shared goal of disseminating information of the highest quality to the health care community.

“Through our meetings, we hope that we can come to understand the issues (medical librarians) face as you work with clinicians and researchers,” Tom Easley, publisher of The JAMA Network wrote in a letter to Walden congratulating her on the position. “We also hope that you are able to learn from us, as we describe our processes and share ideas as we seek innovative new ways to produce and present research, clinical information and editorial content of the very highest quality.”

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