College Celebrates Fall Picnic

Fall Picnic 2015

President Brian Noland and Vice President Wilsie Bishop joined the faculty and staff of the College of Public Health in the annual fall picnic. They were joined by several other senior members of the ETSU family and several College Retirees, including Ann Bailey, Sue Barr, Creg Bishop, Troy Burrow, Phyllis Cooper, Steve Gernt, Gene McCoy and Bob Patton.

At the picnic, the College recognized several awards.  The Dean's Special Recognition Awards are selected by the Dean to recognize excellence in advancing the mission of the College: 

Dean's Special Recognition Award/Individual:  Ginny Kidwell


Dean's Special Recognition Award/Group:  Accreditation Working Group:  Olivia Egen, Amal Khoury and Janet Stork

Dean's Special Recognition Award/Group:  Office of Student Services:  Taylor Dula, Paula Masters, Dara Young

Dean's Special Recognition Award/Group:  Department Chairs:  Ranjan Chakraborty, Amal Khoury, Claudia Kozinetz, Kurt Maier, Deb Slawson.

The faculty and staff awards are nominated by peers and colleagues and selected by the Faculty and Staff Awards Committee. 

2015 Outstanding Staff Award:  Carolyn Casto

2015 Foundation Service Award:  Amal Khoury

2015 Foundation Research Award:  Deb Slawson

2015 Foundation Teaching Award:  Mary Ann Littleton

The College welcomed several new faculty and staff, including: 

  • Billy Brooks
  • Lee Cutshaw
  • Nathan Hale
  • Jenny Hunt
  • Eric Jones
  • Ying Liu
  • Amanda Peterson
  • Hazel Robinson
  • Karen Spencer
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