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College of Public Health

Members of ETSU College of Public Health featured in Tri-Cities Healthy Living

PDAM Group

The Prescription Drug Abuse/Misuse Working Group, Dr. Katie Baker, and Dr. Joel Hillhouse in the ETSU College of Public Health were all featured in a recent edition of Tri-Cities Healthy Living magazine.  The article, “Notable Researchers, Notable Accomplishments,” covers regional research in health communications and health care decisions.   

The Prescription Drug Abuse/Misuse Working Group, a five-year, grant funded research program aimed at battling prescription drug abuse and misuse in this region, was formed in 2012.  Dr. Robert Pack, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the College of Public Health, connected with other investigators in the ETSU Academic Health Sciences Center and in 2013, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), awarded the project a grant of $2.23 million.  The article quotes Dr. Pack in speaking of prescription drug abuse in the region, said, “We have a massive problem here,” “People don’t even realize how big the problem is. Together, we can do something about it. But we have to use evidence-based solutions carefully and consistently over time to change the situation.” 

Dr. Katie Baker, Assistant Professor in the Department of Community and Behavioral Health, and Dr. Joel Hillhouse, Associate Dean for Research in the College of Public Health, were featured for their work with indoor tanning research.  The article highlighted their recent collaboration with researchers from Klein Buendel, Inc. to study social media as a health communication tool for mothers and daughters in East Tennessee.  Dr. Baker states, “If these efforts show that we have improved mother-daughter communication, that we have empowered mothers to share health promotion information with their daughters, then we would love for this type of campaign to go viral.”  

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