Black History Month Display at the Medical Library

Display table and shelves featuring selected books, journal articles, and information related to medicine and Black History Month

The Medical Library has set up a Black History Month display of materials on topics including Black physicians' experiences, racism and abuses of Black patients and research subjects, health disparities, and other issues. The display will be on view in the library lobby through the first week or so of March. Print books can be taken to the front desk to be borrowed (ETSU ID needed for checkout), and library staff can demonstrate how to access the featured online books. Several books have been purchased for the collection and will be on display. 

While not all of these titles have arrived yet, the following books have been purchased for the library's collections. Items with an * are already available as of this posting on 2/17/17; others will be available soon:

  • *Against their will: North Carolina's sterilization program and the campaign for reparations (Begos)
  • Beaches, blood, and ballots: a Black doctor's civil rights struggle (Mason)
  • *Beside the troubled waters: a Black doctor remembers life, medicine, and civil rights in an Alabama town (Hereford)
  • Black man in a white coat: a doctor's reflections on race and medicine (Tweedy)
    *Black physicians in the Jim Crow south (Ward)
  • A Black physician's struggle for civil rights (Mazique)
    *A Black physician's story: bringing hope in Mississippi (Conner)
  • Brain surgeon: a doctor's inspiring encounters with mortality and miracles (Black)
  • Breaking ground: my life in medicine (Chanoff)
  • Fight on, my soul (Norris)
  • The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks (Skloot)
  • Just medicine: a cure for racial inequality in American health care (Matthew)
  • *Killing the Black body: race, reproduction, and the meaning of liberty (Roberts)
  • Medical apartheid: the dark history of medical experimentation on Black Americans from colonial times to the present (Washington)
  • Race, ethnicity, and health: a public health reader (LaVeist)
  • Seeing patients: unconscious bias in health care (White)
  • Sick and tired of being sick and tired: Black women's health activism in American, 1890-1950 (Smith) 

Some items from our existing print collections are on display as well, including: 

  • African American medical pioneers (Epps)
  • Bad blood: the Tuskegee syphilis experiment (Jones)
  • Making a place for ourselves: the Black hospital movement, 1920-1945 (Gamble)
  • Minorities in science: the challenge for change in biomedicine (Melnick)
  • Notable Black American women (vols I & II)
  • Sickness and health in America (Walzer), with a chapter on race and medicine

Featured online library books of interest available to ETSU students, faculty, and staff include: 

  • Beyond stock stories and folktales: African Americans' path to STEM fields (Frierson)
  • Building health coalitions in the Black community (Braithwaite)
  • Culturally competent health care (Purnell)
  • Infectious fear: politics, disease, and the health effects of segregation (Roberts)
  • Precarious prescriptions: contested histories of race and health in North America (Green)
  • Uncertain suffering: racial health care disparities and sickle cell disease (Rouse) 

These online books can be accessed from both on and off campus. Thanks to the Sherrod library for providing some of these titles via their collections. 

We have also provided print copies of a few recent journal articles on topics including health disparities, allostatic load, and how physicians can contribute to reducing disparities. Please feel free to take a copy of any article. There are also informative brochures on a pioneer African-American surgeon and sources of consumer health information for African-Americans. 

We encourage the ETSU community to explore these topics and texts. 

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