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Support University School as you Shop Online

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Our School Can Benefit From Your Online Purchases!  Click on the banner above or to the left to access the School Store.  Select the "Merchants" tab and shop!  A percentage of the sale will automatically go to University School! 

Letter from Dr. Knechtel:

Hello Bucs Family!

Today your child will be coming (k-8) with a folder from School Store. This is a fundraiser I signed up for, but let me share what is my intention and what is not my intention! The School Store fundraiser has three components and it is only the third component that I am encouraging you to participate in so let me start there.

School Store is partnered with approximately 400 online vendors; some big names retailers some not so big. If you shop online, then this is how we earn money for the school. Each of the vendors at the site will give us a percentage of your purchase if you access the store through School Store. So, like the grocery store cards, since you will be shopping online anyway at these stores, accessing these store's websites through School Store is a great way to support University School and not spend any extra money! You can email friends and family and have them sign up as well thus extending the number  of folks supporting US with money they would be spending anyway, but I am not stressing that. If you want to share it with friends and family, thanks! If not, no worries, but please use it when you shop online.

Now, there are two other ways to support University School in the program but I am not pushing them. One is magazine subscriptions. Your choice. I know I would be hesitant to send that to family because they will feel pressured into spending money they normally would not have to buy magazines they really do not want. But it is an option.

The third option is to buy a gift card for a teacher to use at the online store that is associated with School Store. If you purchase a gift card it will be mailed directly to the teacher you specify. Again, this is only if you would like to give in this way. I am not expecting you to do this. It is just an option if you wish to take part in that.

We did not send the folders home with high school students. However, parents of high school students can access and sign up with School Store through our website.

Thank you in advance for your participation in supporting our school in this way. I hope it is a pain and stress free partnership for us all. Your feedback is always appreciated.

Have a great day and Go Bucs!

Dr. Knechtel
Director- University School

More information can be found by Viewing SchoolStore Video


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