Telephones & Voice Mail

Installations, moves or disconnects

Departments can request for a new phone line to be installed or for an existing line to be moved or disconnected. The Telecommunications Requisition Form is used for these requests. The charges for monthly usage and installation/moving can be found in our billing section.

Phone system instructions

ETSU's phone system has some additional functions than just making a simple phone call. It has the ability to pick up calls coming in on a different extension, parking calls, transferring calls, conference calling and more. Pick the system that you need instructions for below.

Caller ID

Caller ID is available for those with Meridian (digital) phones. The cost is $110 for the unit and $25 for installation. To request the caller ID unit, simply fill out the Telecommunications Requisition Form.

Voice Mail

Voice mail is available for most campus phones. Digital phones have an indicator for new voice mail messages. On analog phones, if there are new messages waiting, the dial tone will be stuttered. Here's how to access the voice mail system.

  • Dial 94201 from on-campus or 439-4201 from off-campus
  • You'll be prompted for the mailbox number. This the last 5 digits of your office phone number followed by the pound (#) sign.
  • You'll be prompted for the password. If this is the first time that you're accessing voice mail, you can try using the last 5 digits of your office phone number followed by the pound sign. If that doesn't work, try using 12345# instead.

You can access instructions for using the various voice mail features here. If you have difficulties logging into your voice mail, please contact the Helpdesk.

Long distance & international calling

Anyone who wishes to make a long distance or international call must have a long distance calling PIN. If you don't have a PIN, please follow the directions here in order to obtain one. Once you have your LD PIN, you make a long distance call by dialing 8 + 1 + area code + the number. You'll hear a voice prompt asking for your PIN. After entering your PIN, the call should go through.

International calls are only slightly different. Simply dial 8 + 011 + country code + city code (if applicable) + the number. You'll probably have a pause for a couple of seconds before you get the voice prompt for your PIN. After entering your PIN, the call should go through.


ITS supports the phone lines that fax machines are attached to but not the machines themselves. If you're having trouble faxing and you suspect that there's a problem with the line, feel free to contact the Helpdesk. Please have the fax line's number, location and if the problem is regarding sending and/or receiving faxes. If you're unable to send a fax at all, you can check to see if the line gives a dial tone. Many fax machiens have a handset that you can pick up just like a regular phone. Other machines may have a Speaker, Dial or Hook button that you can push to hear a dial tone over a speaker.

If you're having trouble sending a long distance or international fax, it could be with the way that the numbers are entered. The process is the same as making a regular call, except you need to press the Pause button once before entering your PIN. This is because the fax machine will start dialing the PIN before the phone system is ready if the Pause button is not pressed. For international calls, it's a good idea to press the Pause button twice before entering your PIN. This causes the fax machine to wait even longer for the phone system to get ready for the PIN.

Monitoring and answering additional lines

For users with digital lines, it's possible to monitor and answer phone lines belonging to others in the department. To request this, please contact the Helpdesk. We'll need your phone number along with the phone numbers that you want to be able to monitor and answer.

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