Complaint Resolution Process

Active since: October 2005


To provide a procedure to facilitate the completion of ITS Help Desk requests that the requestor believes has remained unresolved for an extended period of time. This procedure will not be used to bypass the normal ITS Help Desk process.


  1. When a request is made to the ITS Help Desk, the Help Desk representative will give the requestor an expected response time. If the response time cannot be immediately provided, a subsequent e-mail to the requestor will include this date.
  2. If there has been no resolution of the request within the expected response time, the requestor should notify the Help Desk that their request remains outstanding. The Help Desk Representative will note this in the on-line Help Desk ticket and forward a copy to the appropriate ITS Manager and the Help Desk supervisor.
  3. If after two additional days there is still no resolution, the Requestor should directly contact the Helpdesk Supervisor, Vincent Thompson, at 439-4492 or email .
  4. If problems remain unresolved, notify Karen King, Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice Provost for Information Technology Services .
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