Student Help Desk

The Student Help Desk exists to aid students with a myriad of problems.  For all students, we provide technical support for your personal computers (desktops, laptops, & netbooks) in troubleshooting software related issues such as

  • network/wireless configuration

  • virus scan and removal

  • assistance with D2L issues

  • Goldmail access

  • password reset assistance

The Student Help Desk is not able to assist with hardware based problems beyond diagnostics.  We are not able to open your desktop or laptop, even with your permission, to repair, replace, or install hardware.

 If you live in on-campus housing, you may also contact us regarding issues with your

  • Cable television

  • In-room network

  • In-room telephones

You will be issued a ticket for the incident, and we will have a technician look into the problem at the first possible opportunity.

 We offer several avenues to contact us.  If you would like to stop by, we are located on the first floor of the D.P. Culp Center at the bottom of the ramp and adjacent to the D.P. Culp computer lab.  You may also contact via the following means:

Phone: 423-439-4648 and select the appropriate button when it prompts for being a student


It is not possible for us to have familiarity with every piece of hardware and software on the market.  Therefore when it comes to items such as Smartphones (iPhones, Blackberries, etc.) we can only offer assistance in configuring the phone’s wireless capabilities.

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