Online Bachelor of Science in Human Services Degree Program

100% Online B.A. Human Services Degree

100% Online B.S. in Human Services

Program overview:

The Online Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Human Services degree is designed to provide a human and behavioral science background for students interested in entering counseling, case management, program administration, and other similar professions.

Who this online program is for:

Students often select the Human Services bachelor's degree program in preparation for a master's degree program in counseling in order to become licensed, professional counselors, especially in school, marriage and family, community agency, and college/university settings. 

Professional employment in Human Services is applied in treatment centers, hospitals, child and youth care facilities, community mental health centers, licensed professional practice, colleges/universities, schools, academies, governmental and non-governmental organizations, institutions, group homes, foster and transitional care, in-home counseling, homeless and runaway shelters, community action agencies, wilderness and adventure programs, and similar programs for social and personal development.

Your program:

The Human Services Degree Program is offered through the ETSU Department of Counseling and Human Services. Admission into the program is based upon determination of the applicant's potential for academic and professional success by departmental faculty. Factors considered for admission will include the applicant's academic record, entrance examination scores, career goals, and communication skills. Formal admission into the program and advisement from the Department of Counseling and Human Services is required and is separate from the ETSU Admissions process.

To graduate with a degree in Human Services, students must earn a C- or better in all courses within the major and have a cumulative overall GPA of 2.5 or higher.

Be sure to check with an advisor to determine availability of classes. Not all classes meet every semester.

Human Services Core: 27 Credit Hours

• HDAL 1110 - Family Development (3 credits)
• HDAL 2320 - Child Psychology (3 credits)
• HDAL 2510 - Introduction to Human Services (3 credits)
• HDAL 3110 - Child/Family/Community Relations (3 credits)
• HDAL 3510 - Administration of Human Services Organizations (3 credits)
• HDAL 3610 - Counseling Theory and Practice (3 credits)
• HDAL 4011 - Developmental Psychology II Through the Life Span (3 credits)
• HDAL 4950 - Research in Learning and Development (3 credits)
• SRVL 1020 - Introduction to Service-Learning in the Community (3 credits)

Human Services Field Experience: 6 Credit Hours (Must take both courses.)

• HDAL 4710  - Human Services Practicum (3 credits)
• HDAL 4720  - Human Services Internship (3 credits)
These two courses MUST be arranged with and supervised by a Certified Child Life Specialist.

Guided Electives: 6 credits Choose two from the following:

• HDAL 2000 - Intimate Relationships (3 credits)
• HDAL 2001 - Introduction to Child Life (3 credits)
• HDAL 2330 - Adolescent Psychology (3 credits)
• HDAL 2335 - Adult Development (3 credits)
• HDAL 3001 - Hospitalized Child (3 credits)
• HDAL 4017 - Homelessness, Hunger, Poverty, and Politics (3 credits)
• HDAL 4127 - Divorce: Causes and Consequences (3 credits)
• HDAL 4137 - Youth Violence – Intervention to Prevention (3 credits)
• HDAL 4417 - Family Theories (3 credits)
• HDAL 4666 - Cultural Influences in Development (3 credits)
• COBH 2750 - Medical Terminology (3 credits)
• COBH 4220 - Family Health and Human Sexuality (2 credits)
• SOWK 3300- Interviewing and Recording Skills (3 credits)

General Electives: 14-22 credits

Minor Requirements: 18-26 Credit Hours 

Available minors:

• African and African American Studies
• Anthropology
• Appalachian Studies
• Applied Sociology
• Applied Spanish: Community Studies
• Communicative Disorders
• Criminal Justice and Criminology
• Early Childhood Development
• Environmental Studies
• Family Studies (100% online minor program)
• Human Development and Learning
• International Studies
• Leadership Studies
• Leisure Services
• Management
• Psychology
• Religious Studies
• Social Work
• Special Education
• Women's Studies

Source:  2015-16 Undergraduate Catalog,
B.S. in Human Services


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For more information about this program, download the Human Services Brochure [PDF], or  

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