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Psychology, B.A. and B.S

Mostly Online Psychology Degree

Mostly Online Psychology

The Psychology Major allows students to choose one of five concentrations: General, Behavioral Neuroscience, Child, Clinical, or Cognitive.

Mostly Online Programs

A mostly online degree program is a program that offers most course work in an online format with a limited number of required on-campus courses or meetings. Because online course availability and scheduling changes by semester and varies by concentration, students are encouraged to contact us using the form below to be put in touch with the appropriate academic advisor. 

General Psychology

This is the most common degree awarded in the country, and will be excellent preparation regardless for any career trajectory. Any minor offered by ETSU can be taken with the General Psychology Concentration. Selection of a minor can be strategic to combine a particular subject of study with Psychology, or can be something of interest.

>> General Psychology, B.S. 

>> General Psychology, B.A. 

Behavioral Neuroscience

This is a major area of study that concentrates on the biological bases of behavior, particularly the importance of understanding the central and peripheral nervous systems in appreciating human experience. Biology is the required minor and note that Biology for Majors (BIOL 1110/11) is required regardless of degree type. Chemistry courses are also required.

>> Behavioral Neuroscience, B.S. 

>> Behavioral Neuroscience, B.A. 

Child Psychological Science

This major is for those interested in early human development and/or those interested in working with children (either clinically or in educational or other settings). This concentration requires a minor in Early Childhood Education and Development.

>> Child Psychological Science, B.S. 

>> Child Psychological Science, B.A. 

Clinical Psychological Science

This major is for those interested in pursuing careers in the helping professions (e.g., psychology, counseling, social work, medical professions). This concentration requires a minor in Sociology.

>> Clinical Psychological Science, B.S. 

>> Clinical Psychological Science, B.A. 

Cognitive Science

This major is for those interested in the philosophy and mechanisms related to human information processing (e.g., decision making, memory, schema formation, interpretation of information). This concentration requires a minor in Philosophy.

>> Cognitive Science, B.S.

>> Cognitive Science, B.A. 


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