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MOU Review Process

The Review Process

MOU Review Workflow

See all 8 steps to approval in this interactive workflow.

MOU Review Workflow
Form will open in a PDF document.


MOU Submission Checklist

Here is an editable checklist to help prepare your developed course for an official review.

MOU Submission Checklist
Form will download in an editable Microsoft Word format.


All online developers must submit a self-assessment of their online course, before an official review can be requested. Completing the self-assessment can often highlight areas that you thought were complete, but are not quite ready.

Online Developer Self-Assessment
Form will download in an editable Microsoft Word format.

Approval and Resubmissions

Online courses must have all required elements and be rated at 60% or higher on scored elements. Once a course meets these criteria, it is acceptable for SACS requirements and approved to be taught. Any required changes must be made before the course can be approved. Once the course has met the minimum requirements, developers can choose to continue to update the course with the recommendations in order the receive a higher score. Updated courses can be resubmitted for a further review once every 30 days. The course will be automatically submitted six months after the approval date. Select the Extra Compensation Agreement Form once you are satisfied with the score and wish to begin the process for extra compensation.

Extra Compensation Agreement Form
Form will open in a new browser window and request ETSU credentials.


Redevelopment of Online Courses

Courses are always evolving so it is proper to add, edit and reevaluate material in your online course from semester to semester. Online courses which have been previously approved can be submitted for redevelopment every three years. The purpose of extra compensation for redevelopment is to remunerate course developers for major updates or significant changes to the online learning environment and delivery. Extra compensation is not awarded for added, edited or reevaluated course material which should constantly evolve from one semester to the next. For example, updating information from one text book to a new text would not constitute a redevelopment MOU. Extra compensation for redeveloping an online course is separate from any additional responsibilities required of the instructor of record while teaching the course. The extra compensation for redevelopment is $1000 per approved course.


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