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Responsive Template Snippets

The Responsive template has a new look inside and out.  

It's built from the ground-up to be responsive and accessible.  We have added many new snippets, giving you the ability to easily and quickly drop in content that will look professional and respond well on mobile devices.  

This site will provide an overview of the snippets available in the Responsive template.

A brief reminder... What is a Snippet?

Snippets are pre-written pieces of editable HTML code which serve as a starting point for content layout. They are inserted into the content of a page and edited in that location.

How to I access snippets in OU?

snippet icon 

  • Click the Insert Predefined Snippet Content icon.
  • From the Category drop-down, select a category and select a snippet to be inserted from the Snippet list.
  • Click Insert.

To add additional rows or delete rows:

  • right click
  • Hover over rows
  • and select either insert row or delete row

Right click

Remember to NEVER delete or add columns!





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