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Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy

East Tennessee State University

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Peter  Panus 

423-439-8789 /
Building 7, Room 321

Peter C. Panus, Ph.D., PT is a Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy, at East Tennessee State University. Dr. Panus received both his Ph.D. in pharmacology and B.S. in physical therapy from the University of South Alabama. He has completed two post-doctorate fellowships, and was a NIH National Research Service trainee. He currently holds joint appointments in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (College of Pharmacy) and Department of Physical Therapy (College of Clinical and Rehabilitative Health Sciences). He and co-authors have a total of 41 peer-reviewed articles in various clinical, educational, and basic science areas. Finally, he worked with Drs. Bertram Katzung, Susan Masters, Anthony Trevor, Erin Jobst and Suzanne Tinsley in developing the Pharmacology textbook entitled "Pharmacology for the Rehabilitation Specialist".

Education, Degree, & Post Graduate Training:

  • B.A. Huntingdon College, Montgomery, AL, 1979 Major - Biology; Minors - Chemistry & Mathematics
  • B.S. University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL, 1981 Basic Medical Science
  • Ph.D. University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL, 1985 Pharmacology Dissertation Title: Requirement of Eicosanoid Metabolism During Exogenous Arachidonic Acid Induced Polymorphonuclear Leukocyte In Vitro Aggregation. (Advisor - Dr. Gesina Longenecker).
  • B.S. University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL, 1994 Physical Therapy

Career highlights:

Co-edited a pharmacology textbook for physical therapy education, and was a national lecturer for the American Physical Therapy Association on the influence of pharmacology on physical therapy practice.

Teaching specialty:

Pathophysiology & Pharmacology

Classes taught:

  • PMSC 3116 Human Physiology
  • PMSC 3204 Pathophysiology
  • PMIN 4210 Cardiovascular Pharmacy
  • PMIN 5210 Immunology, Hematology, Oncology Pharmacy
  • PMIN 4120 Pulmonary Pharmacy
  • PMIN 5110 Neurologic and Psychiatric Pharmacy
  • PMIN 5140 Gastroenterology and Nutrition Pharmacy

Research Interests:

Dr. Panus has two current research foci. The first focus combines his background in pharmacology and physical therapy. He is involved with a group of researchers in an attempt to quantitate the risk of drugs on physical function, a "Quantitative Drug Index". They are currently attempting to use the QDI to assess the effect of drugs on fall risk in elderly patients. The second focus is academic and related to his lecture activities. The research group is attempting to determine if unlimited access to a question database related to the content on future exams improves learning of the content, "Self Testing", compared to more traditional study techniques.

Selected Publications:

Textbook:   Panus PC, B. Katzung, EE Jobst, SL Tinsley, SB Masters, AJ Trevor. Pharmacology for the Physical Therapist. 1st Ed. McGraw-Hill, New York, NY, 2009.

Organizational Involvement/Membership:

American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)

Personal motto or favorite quote:

It's the job that is never started as takes longest to finish. – the old gaffer

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