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Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy

East Tennessee State University

Clinical research is an important part of the CPRx and is mentored at several sites off of the GCOP campus by faculty in the Dept. of Pharmacy Practice.  Pictured below is Sara Brandon (2017) presenting at the 2016 ASRF. Sara conducts studies in the clinic of Dr. Rick Hess of the Department of Pharmacy Practice.  Dr. Hess is a Certified Diabetes Educator, which requires over 3000 hrs of training in patient education and monitoring. In their work, Sara and Dr. Hess are studying the proper use by patients and the pharmacist training needed for this, in the administration of the new high-concentration insulin preparations now available. Because these insulins have concentration as high as 500 u/cc, it is essential to prevent patient errors in administration to avoid consequences of hypoglycemia that could be created by even slight mismeasurement. As the first line of patient education, pharmacists need to be introduced and educated about these high dose insulins, in order to develop the confidence to properly train diabetic patients in the use of these important drugs.

Sara Brandon

Application Process

Please fill out the following form and return it to the Office of Academic Affairs, room 201, to apply for the Research Concentration.

Want More Info? email to CPRX@ETSU.EDU

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