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Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy

East Tennessee State University

Chris Conder, PharmD (2014), was the first GCOP student to completed the requirements for the CPRx. Working in the laboratories of Dr. Charles Collins and Dr. Sam Harirforoosh, Chris then presented his results at two meetings of the Appalachian Student Research forum. Additionally, on his own initiative, Chris then performed a fourmonth rotation in the Neurobehavioral lab of Geoff Schoenbaum, MD, PhD, Senior Investigator and Chief of the Cellular Neurobiology Research Branch at the National Institutes of Drug Abuse in Baltimore. Chris’s work in this state-of-the-art laboratory was used in several publications from Dr. Schoenbaum’s group. As the initial CPRx graduate, Dr. Conder set a high bar for all of the other students to follow in the concentration. His trail-blazing route always reminds us that students can often ask the best questions as the faculty help them learn to seek the answers.

Chris Conder

Chris Conder and Geoff Schoenbaum in the lab at NIDA during Chris’s project.

Application Process

Please fill out the following form and return it to the Office of Academic Affairs, room 201, to apply for the Research Concentration.

Want More Info? email to CPRX@ETSU.EDU

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