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Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy

Gatton Spotlight


Health Wagon Spotlight

Gatton student attends Johnson and Johnson Global Citizen Young Health Leader Program

About a month ago, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Johnson and Johnson Global Citizen Young Health Leader Program. This week-long program was an event designed for young healthcare professionals who are passionate about global health issues, and are influencing the health of their communities one way or another. 

I met wonderful individuals from all around the world brought together by this event; They were nurses, midwives, physicians, social health workers and the list goes on. The week consisted of numerous events including group projects, panel discussions, workshops and the big finale at the central park: Global Citizen Festival. It is such a wonderful feeling to do what I’m most passionate about, public health, as a PharmD/MPH student.

Becoming involved with such organizations and being able to offer my personal and professional experiences to the cause is nothing short of amazing and fulfilling. What I grasped from this program is that, to be part of the conversation that goes on across the globe is vital as the world moves forward, to solve public health issues. Globalization is such as important concept to be aware of particularly in the healthcare industry worldwide.

As we move forward, it is difficult not to notice that the world is becoming a smaller place and the borders are starting to fade away. Whether it is pandemic influenza or the threats of biological and chemical terrorism, global health issues affect us all. Therefore, it is essential and critical to not only be aware of the state of health in our own community, but also the world.

Written by P2 student Mia Baladezaei

More Information about the Global Health Festival can be found at:

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