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Planit ETSU

East Tennessee State University

Guide to adding events as an administrator. Calendar Handout

ETSU is pleased to offer an attractive and robust online calendar of events that engages visitors and encourages them to download events to their personal calendar, sign up for event notifications and send event information to friends.

You can view calendar events in multiple formats: Grid, Location List View, Category List View and Date/Time List View. Each view provides a fast snapshot of events! If you don't find your event at first glance, searching for events is easy and can be done by date range, category/subcategory, location (building, room) and keyword(s).

Additionally, you can utilize friendly calendar features to keep you connected to events at ETSU.

  • Receive timely updates from the PlanIt ETSU by subscribing to categories or establishing RSS feeds.
  • You can download events to your personal calendar and sign up for "Notify Me" where you enter your email address to be notified of event changes, cancellations, reschedules and announcements.
  • "Email a Friend" functionality is included and allows you to help get the word out by sending event details to others.
  • A printer friendly icon is available to print a snapshot of events important to you.

Help icons are available throughout visitor calendar views to aid visitors in searching/finding event information. 

How do I post an event on PlanIt ETSU?

Enter the information about the event in the online form. The event will then be forwarded to an appropriate calendar administrator based on the event categories selected. If the event is approved by the administrator, it will be released to the calendar. You will receive an email update on the status of the event submission. There are calendar administrators representing the university’s colleges, schools, and major academic units who have been trained on entering information into the calendar. 
What kind of events can be posted on the PlanIt ETSU?

Only campus departments and units that sponsor events may post to the online calendar system. Among those items that are not appropriate for posting on this calendar are classes and non-university related items. Events that a department may closely support, but not actually sponsor, are also inappropriate for this calendar. These include theatrical events in the surrounding area or neighboring colleges, community arts events, area festivals, church events, civic club events, etc.
How can I stay informed of when an event is posted to the PlanIt ETSU?

You can receive automated updates of PlanIt ETSU events by subscribing to a category.

  • Subscribing to a calendar category:
      1. In advanced search, choose the category you are interested in and then click "Search Calendar" .
        (See "How do I find an event in a specific category?" for more specific instructions)
      2. Click the subscribe icon ( ) to launch a window with selections for setting up an event subscription based off your current Category/Subcategory selections.
    • Example 1: If you choose to SUBSCRIBE at the top level of the calendar (All Categories) then you will receive an email notification for any and all events added to the PlanIt ETSU.
      Example 2: If you choose to SUBSCRIBE at a specific Category level, then you will receive email notifications of any new or updated events within the Categories and Subcategories selected for your subscription.
      *PLEASE NOTE: The more Categories that you subscribe to, the more emails you may receive regarding new and updated events. You will receive an email as soon as an event is added or updated within your Subscription list.
 I have a departmental calendar, do I need to post information in this calendar also?


The ETSU online calendar system provides an important, front-line method to announce and publicize events that are open to both large and small segments of the campus community and the general public, including special lectures, concerts, plays, exhibits, sporting events, organizational meetings and events, and more. This is the official university calendar of events, and all campus units are to enter events on this calendar regardless of whether they maintain separate calendars on their departmental/office Web sites. 

Please contact University Relations (439-4317) if you have questions about what content is appropriate for the calendar.

Can I have events that pertain to only my department/office/college show up on my webpage in a calendar or list form?

Yes. Web Technology Services can generate the appropriate code to pull your specific events out of the calendar. Please contact the web coordinator at 439-8249 to setup a brief meeting to discuss available options and determine your needs.

What if I don’t see the location for my event in the drop down list, when I am adding it to the calendar system thru the administration panel?

To maintain consistency in location naming across the calendar system, all locations are to be added by Web Technology Services. Please contact the web coordinator at 439-8249 to request that a specific location or room be added to the administrative panel of the calendar system.

How do I change my username or password to the calendar system administration?

All calendar administrator accounts are maintained by Web Technology Services. Please contact the web coordinator at 439-8249 to request a change in your username or password.

Who can add events to the PlanIt ETSU?

Information on campus events can be entered by ETSU Faculty, staff or students using the online form. However, each event entered into the system must be approved by a calendar administrator. There are administrators representing the university’s colleges, schools, and major academic units, as well as some individual departments and campus units that sponsor a great number of events. Each authorized user has received training on entering calendar items into the system. 

What if I forget my password to the calendar system administration?

All calendar administrator accounts are maintained by Web Technology Services. Please contact the web coordinator at 439-8249 if you forget your password.

How do I find an event in a specific category?

To find an ETSU event by categories use the category drop down arrow.

Select the category that you would like to view. After making your selection click on the search calendar button below the ‘keyword box’ ( ).
To view multiple categories click ‘Select Multiple’ and a pop-up will appear with all the categories and subcategories. Make your selection by clicking on the box in front of the categories you would like to view. Select submit, the box will close, and then click on the ‘Search Calendar’ button . Your categories will be listed.

How do I find events in the past or future?

To find past or future events navigate to the advanced search located on the left hand side of the screen . Select from the drop down box the dates that you are searching for. After selecting ‘From’ and ‘To’ dates click on the ‘Search Calendar’ button . The events for the dates you selected will appear. You may also use the arrow buttons next to the month ( ). By clicking the arrows you can go forward or back to previous months.

How can I change the view or display format of the calendar?

The default view for the PlanIt ETSU is ‘All Categories’. To view the PlanIt ETSU in a different display click on the display format ( ), select one of the different views and the format of the calendar will change the to the display that you selected.

How can I change the time span over which I see events?

To change the time span of the events listed click on one of the four icons ( ) listed below the ‘Display Format’ box on the upper left hand side of the calendar. The events will change with each selection.

How do I add an event to my calendar if I use Microsoft Outlook?

To add an event to an outlook calendar, you click on "Add to my calendar" then choose the "send meeting request" option and enter your email.

This will cause a meeting request email to be sent to your inbox, then when you accept, it is added to the calendar.

How do I unsubscribe from categories so that I no longer receive emails when events are added to the calendar?

Each email that comes from the calendar system contains a link allowing you to unsubscribe. Click the link to cancel your subscription and stop receiving email updates.

As an administrator, I keep getting emails about problems with a user who has subscribed to a category. Thing such as mailbox is full, invalid email address or unknown user. How can I stop these emails?

Please forward the email alert you receive to and request that the user be unsubscribed.

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