Contract Services

General Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to all contracts (expenditure, non-expenditure and revenue-generating) or agreements (collectively hereinafter referred to as contracts) between East Tennessee State University and any external party.*

  • All Contracts, regardless of the dollar amount involved, require the approval of the Assoc. VP Administrative Services, as well as standard Department approvals.

    Except, services for less than $5,000 do not require a formal contract or pre-approval of the Staff Attorney, and may be processed after the services have been received.
  • Contracts of $5,000 or more require the approval of the Director of Procurement Services, and should be submitted in accordance with the University procedures set out here.
  • All proposed contracts of $10,000 or more must be competitively bid unless adequate "sole source" justification is provided (see University policy here).   
  • So who signs what ? Authorized Signatory Approval for University Contracts can be found here.

    Additional TBR requirements include:
    a. The Assoc. VP Administrative Services signs
        contracts with an associated purchase order

    b. The University President signs contracts of $250,000 or more

    c. The Chancellor of TBR signs contracts of $250,000 or more

    d. Prior approval of Fiscal Review Committee is required on all
         non-competitive mulit-year contracts when the value is $250,000 or more

 All proposed contracts shall be approved by all parties prior to the effective start date.

* Excepting research grant contracts, which are processed by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.

Contract Policies and Procedures

Contract Forms

Contract Monitoring Form


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