MINUTES: Graduate Council - February 28, 2000 - 1:15 p.m., East Tennessee Room


ATTENDEES: Antkiewicz, Brown, Caton, Champney, Honaker, Kasmai, Lindahl, Osborn, Pike,

Pfeiffer, Vaughn, Scheuerman, Smith, Taylor


ABSENT: Alavi, Green, Ellis, Herrin, Hoover, Norris, Woodruff


GUESTS: Cummings, Heath, Freeberg

I. Minutes of January 31, 2000 Council Meeting


Action taken by Council: Approved


II. Curriculum Proposal Sub-Committee - Dr. Lee Pike, spokesperson


1. Elementary MAT - A proposal that will bring the Elementary MAT program into compliance with the new state teacher certification competencies. The proposal would eliminate 6 credit hours of methodology in the arts by removing three 2‑hour courses (ARTA 5330, MUSC 5050, and CUAI 5418) from the MAT program, but leaving them in their respective departmental offerings and replacing them with one 3‑hour course (CUAI 5407). Additionally, the proposal presents some choices among existing courses to provide alternative means for meeting the revised K‑8 state competencies.


A. ARTA 5330, CUAI 5418, MUSC 5050 (2 credit hours) - replace with CUAI 5407 (3 credit hours.)


Action Taken by Council: Approved


B. Add a new requirement to the current MAT-Elementary Concentration choosing from HDAL 5517 (3 credit hours) or SOAA 5087 (3 credit hours.)


Action Taken by Council: Approved


C. Recognizing that it is competencies which must be mastered rather than specific courses which must be taken, the new proposal presents some choices for an existing course when an examination of the syllabi show that the course will address the state competencies. Those approved substitutions include HDAL 5200, HDAL 5230, HDAL 5860, PSYC 5230, and PSYC 5860.


Action Taken by Council: Approved


2. Curriculum and Instruction - A proposal for curriculum changes in the Master of Education degree. The proposal would change the title of the Media Services major to one entitled Educational Media and Educational Technology. The new major would have two newly titled concentrations: Educational Communications and Technology (formerly Instructional Technology) and School Library Media (formerly Instructional Media.) A revised curriculum was proposed and is attached as figure 1.


Implementation of this newly structured major will require the deletion of 9 courses and the creation of 12 new courses. Five editorial course changes are being made in conjunction with the proposal. In addition, one course change and two cross-listed courses are recommended for approval.


A. 9 Deleted courses:

MEDA 5281 Microcomputer Applications in Instruction

MEDA 5412 Technology in Curriculum and Instruction

MEDA 5465 Non‑Print Media

MEDA 5500 Integrating in Education

MEDA 5600 Principles of Instructional Design

MEDA 5610 Design and Production of Instructional Resources I

MEDA 5693 Design and Production of Instructional Resources II

MEDA 5696 Application of Instructional Technology

MEDA 5960 Thesis

Action taken by Council: Approved


B. 12 New courses:

MEDA 5000 History and Philosophy of Educational Media and Educational


MEDA 5400 Integrating Technology in Teaching and Learning

MEDA 4507/5507 Principles of Instructional Design and Production

MEDA 5640 Multicultural Materials for Children and Young Adults

MEDA 5685 Online Information Services

MEDA 5700 The Instructional Role of Educational Media and Educational


MEDA 5715 Instructional Role of the School Library Media Specialist

MEDA 5750 Information and Records Management

MEDA 5800 Information Networks ‑ Resource Sharing

MEDA 5850 Organizing and Managing Content on the Internet

MEDA 5925 Practicum/Internship/Enhanced Student Teaching

MEDA 5950 Research in Educational Media and Educational Technology


Action taken by Council: Approved


C. 1 Course Change

MEDA 5930 Practicum with Seminar in Educational Communications

and Technology


Action taken by Council: Approved


D. 2 Cross-Listed Courses

MEDA/CSCI 4517/5517 Essentials of Multi‑Media (cross listed)

MEDA/CSCI 4527/5527 Computer‑Based Authoring System


Action taken by Council: Approved


E. 5 Editorial Course Changes ‑ Non‑substantive course title changes

MEDA 4627/5627 Library Media for Children to MEDA 4627/5627 Children's Materials

MEDA 4637/5637 Library Media for Young Adults to MEDA 4637/5637 Young Adult Materials

MEDA 5657 Basic Reference Materials to MEDA 5635 Basic reference Materials

MEDA 5717 School Library Media Program Development and Management

to MEDA 5710 School Library Media Program Development and Management

MEDA 5727 Organization of Library Media to MEDA 5720 Organization of Library Media


Action taken by Council: Approved


III. Graduate Faculty Appointments


1. New Appointments:


Henson, Gary, PhD, Physics, recommended for Associate.


King, John, PhD, Communications, recommended for Associate.


Tarnoff, Karen Ann, PhD, Management/Marketing, recommended for Associate.


Tillman, Primus, MFA, Technology, recommended for Interim (lack of terminal



Varney, Tim, PhD., Environmental Health, recommended for Associate.


Action taken by Council: Approved


2. Candidates for reappointment:


Bailes, Gordon, PhD, Computer and Information Sciences, Full membership expired 993, recommended for Full.


Miller, Phillip, PhD, Management/Marketing, Associate expires 001, recommended for Associate.


Roberts, Anna, PhD, Applied Human Sciences, Interim expired 991, recommended for Associate.


Wilkinson, Donald, EdD, Management/Marketing, Associate expires 002, recommended for Associate.


Yavas, Ugur, PhD, Management/Marketing, Associate expires 003, recommended for Full.


Action taken by Council: Approved




III. Old Business


1. GA/TS Supervised Courses - Dr. Wesley Brown, Dean


Dr. Brown explained that this item was taken to the Deans = group in order to reinforce those departments that were doing a good job of assisting graduate assistants and tuition scholars in their professional development through the supervised course offerings (5019, 5029, 5039). It was also an attempt to solicit other departments that haven = t been offering these courses on a regular basis to do so. Currently, based upon survey data obtained it appears that one-half of the departments are implementing the supervision courses. After discussion regarding previous council action and the benefits of making the course requirements mandatory, the following motion was made by Dr. Lindahl for action:


Using the same language as originally approved at the February 23, 1998

Graduate Council meeting, the implementation of GA/TS supervised courses

will be required unless an alternative plan is developed and approved by the

department, dean, and the Graduate Council in order to insure the professional development of graduate assistants and tuition scholars. The School of

Graduate Studies will be the monitoring and reporting office of record.


Action taken by Council: Approved


2. New Application Package - Dr. Brown distributed the new School of Graduate Studies application package and brochure as an information item asking for feedback from members. Dr. Brown also informed the group that the School of Graduate Studies was working on a system to electronically submit applications to departments. Applications would be protected and secured through a password protection program. Departments would have to select who would have access to these electronic file in order to have security of student records.


3. Electronic Thesis and Dissertations (ETDs)- Dr. Brown informed council members that Graduate Studies will begin piloting electronic thesis and dissertations (ETDs) and has sent letters to departments soliciting the names of individuals who may wish to volunteer for this process. He already has a list of several students who have expressed their interest in this pilot project. Dr. Brown further explained that traditionally there have been problems with numbering and spacing when submitting thesis and dissertations. There is a template for ETDs that will make this process more convenient, however, that doesn = t solve the problem for those students doing paper submission. It was recommended that these two requirements be modified for all students in order to become more flexible as long as the numbering and spacing was consistent and the student = s chair approved the document.


Action taken by Council: Approved


IV. New Business


1. Editorial Changes - Steve Honaker submitted editorial course description changes for the 2000/2001 Catalog.


Action taken by Council: Approved


The next meeting will be held on March 27, 2000 at 1:15 p.m. in the East Tennessee Room, D.P. Culp Center.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 2:20 p.m.



Scott Champney, Chair