MINUTES: Graduate Council ? January 29, 2001 ? 1:15 p.m., East Tennessee Room

ATTENDEES: Champney, Honaker, Pfeiffer, Green, Herrin, Hoover, Scheuerman, Lindahl,

Antkiewicz, Kasmai, Brown, Ellis, Taylor, Norris, Gooley, Alavi

I. Minutes of December 11, 2000

Action Taken by Council: Approved with correction in Master of Science Nursing,

Administration Specialty curriculum change. Nursing is not deleting PMNU 5002 Health Care

Delivery, but is allowing it to be replaced by PMNU 5550 Fiscal Management in Nursing


II. Curriculum Sub- Committee, Wes Brown, spokesperson

A. Curriculum Proposal Format for Graduate Council Review - Diskette

(PDF/Adobe Acrobat) or paper copies Dr. Brown raised the issue of whether curriculum proposals can be submitted and reviewed

electronically and initiated discussion. After discussion regarding the pros and cons of

electronic submission, it was agreed that the pending curriculum proposal from Computer

Science would be submitted electronically as a test to see how the process work. Formal

action on electronic submission of curriculum proposals will take place once this initial

test has been completed and evaluated by the Graduate Council.


III. Graduate Faculty Sub-Committee – Henry Antkiewicz, Chairperson

A. Applicants for new appointment:

Brewster, Karen, MFA, Assistant Professor in Communication, recommended for Associate.

Burant, Patricia, EdD, Assistant Professor in Communication recommended for Associate.

Champouillon, David, DA, Instructor in Music, recommended for Associate.

Kuczynski, Kay, DSW, Assistant Professor in Social Work, recommended

for Associate.

Sims, J. Paul, PhD, Associate Professor in Technology, recommended for Associate.

Wahlberg, Patty, EdD, Professor in Social Work, recommended for Associate.


Witucki, Janet, PhD, Assistant Professor in Adult Nursing,

recommended for Associate.

Action taken by Council: Approved


2. Applicants for reappointment:

Anderson, Eugene, PhD, Associate Professor Emeritus, Social Work, full expired 003,

recommended for Associate.

Antkiewicz, Henry, PhD., Associate Professor in History, full expired 003, recommended for


Blackman, Mary Dave, PhD., Associate Professor in Music, associate expired 003,

recommended for Full.

Countermine, Terry, PhD, Professor in Computer Science, associate expired 001, recommended

for Full.

Dixon, David, MFA, Associate Professor in Art/Design, associate expired 002, recommended

for Associate.

Martin, Brian, PhD, Assistant Professor in Public Health, associate expired 003,

recommended for Full.

Nelson, Ardis, PhD, Professor in Foreign Languages, full expired 003, recommended for


Shelton, Janice, EdD, Associate Professor in Physical Education (in modified retirement

plan), associate expired 001, recommended for Associate.

Smith, Patricia L., EdD, Professor in Professional Roles/Mental Health

Nursing, full expired 003, recommended for Full.

Verhegge, Ruth, MMS, Assistant Professor in Applied Human Science, interim expired 003,

recommended for Interim (lack of terminal


Whitson, Marian, PhD, Assistant Professor in Criminal Justice, associate expired 003,

recommended for Associate.

Action taken by Council: Approved

3. Forwarded to Dean Wes Brown (via separate e-mail with copies to

committee members)

Paulsen-Boaz, Carlotta, PhD, Assistant Professor in Chemistry

Action taken by Brown: Approved as Temporary.




Kelly, Edward J., JD, Office of Legal Affairs, associate expires 013.

Action taken by Council: Pending until February 2001 Council meeting.

IV. New Business

A. Editorials - Steve Honaker

Editorial changes submitted to Dr. Brown for approval. Mr. Honaker discussed the need to

make catalog copy a top priority due to SACS requirements.

B. Review of academic programs that do not meet THEC benchmarks and review for

concentration viability and/or proliferation - Wes Brown

Dr. Brown provided the following information to Council members:

1. THEC reviews programs every five years.

2. Recently, THEC and ETSU Deans added the idea of applying the “benchmark” to

concentrations as well as degrees.

3. Dr. Bach’s action plan referred all Graduate programs to Graduate Council with a March

1 deadline.

4. Dr. Brown has prepared a draft response for discussion purposes.

5. Dr. Brown walked Council members through Appendix A and Appendix B and initiated


6. Dr. Lindahl asked that program coordinators get of the report.

7. Dr. Green inquired as to the numbers in MPM/MCM columns and Dr. Brown informed him

that he will check on this and report back.

Action taken by Council: Accept THEC Review of Academic Degree Programs document prepared

by Dr. Brown for Graduate Council approval and forward to Academic Council.

C. Draft 2001-2002 academic priorities - Wes Brown

1. Dr. Brown has proposed a raise of $2,000 in GA stipends, which haven’t changed since

1992 when the tuition waiver was approved. He further stated that this will probably go

into budget at $1,000.

2. Dr. Brown has also asked that rewards for graduate coordinators be examined.

D. SACS - Wes Brown

Dr. Brown distributed an overview of the six SACS standards related to the Graduate School

and explained the process to Council members.

E. Change in meeting schedule for February, March and April. 2001.

Dr. Brown distributed revised meeting schedule for the Graduate Council for February,

March and April, 2001.


F. Handout of Graduate Council Deadlines and 2001/2002 Council Membership –

Dr. Brown distributed the guidelines and deadlines for material to be received in the

Graduate Office as well as the 2000/2001 membership listing to Council members.

G. Welcome to new GPSA representative, Mary Beth Gooley.

Dr. Brown introduced the new appointment from the Graduate and Professional Student

Association, Mary Beth Gooley. Mary Beth will also be working as a tuition scholar in the

Graduate School dedicated to GPSA activities and increasing membership in the

organization. She is also the new Secretary/Treasurer for GPSA.

H. Dr. Brown provided Council members with a draft version of the Guide for Preparation

of Electronic Theses and Dissertations.





Approved: Signature on file

Scott Champney, Chairman