MINUTES: Graduate Council March 19, 2001, 1:15 p.m., East Tennessee Room

ATTENDEES: Alavi, Antkiewicz, Brown, Green, Ellis, Gooley, Herrin, Hoover,


Lindahl, Pfeiffer, Scheuerman, Taylor


ABSENT: Caton, Champney, Honaker, Osborn, Smith, Thompson, Woodruff

GUEST: Howard Jones

I. Minutes of February 19, 2001


Action Taken by Council: Approved



II. Curriculum Sub- Committee, Wes Brown, spokesperson


A. College of Applied Science and Technology/Department of Technology -

Format C -

Curriculum Proposal for establishment of a concentration with an existing

major Digital



1. Two new courses:


a. DIGM 5840 Advanced MODELING & LIGHTING (4 credits)

b. DIGM 5841 Character Animation (4 Credits)


2. Four new dual-level courses:

a. DIGM 5837 Advanced Multimedia (4 credits)

b. DIGM 5847 Advanced Visualization (4 credits)

c. DIGM 5857 Advanced Hypermedia (4 credits)

d. DIGM 5867 Advanced Product Design (4 credits)


3. Editorial Revision Three existing ENTC graduate courses converted into

advanced DIGM


a. ENTC 5130 to DIGM 5830 Digital Video (4 credits)

b. ENTC 5140 to DIGM 5831 Interactive Multimedia (4 credits)

c. ENTC 5150 to DIGM 5842 Advanced Imaging and Animation (4 credits)


4. Editorial Revision One existing dual-level graduate course converted to


DIGM elective:

a. ENTC 5177 to DIGM 5177 Computer Graphics (4 credits)


5. Course Deletion

a. ENTC 5110 Photo-Realistic 3-D Animation & Effects (6 credits)


Dr. Pfeiffer informed Council members that CSCI is revising a couple of

courses that would

be affected by the Technology curriculum proposal.

Dr. Brown assured Council members that before the Department of Technology

proposal goes

forward, these CSCI changes can be incorporated.


Action Taken by Council: Approved




III. Graduate Faculty Sub-Committee Henry Antkiewicz, Chairperson


A. Applicants for new appointment:


1. Burleson, Rebecca, MEd, Assistant Professor in HDAL, recommended for

Interim (lack of terminal degree).


2. Daniels, Harold Lee, PhD., Assistant Professor in Curriculum and

Instruction, recommended for Associate.


3. Godbole, Anant, PhD, Professor in Mathematics, recommended for Full.



B. Candidates for reappointment:


1. Barnhart, Robert, MS, Assistant Professor in Physical Therapy,

Interim expires 011, recommended for Interim (lack of terminal



2. Clark, Marian, PhD, Assistant Professor in Geography, Associate

expired 983, recommended for Associate.


3. LaFollette, Hugh, PhD, Professor in Philosophy, Associate expires

011, recommended for Associate.


4. Sanderbeck, Rande, DMA, Assistant Professor in Music, Associate

expired 003, recommended for Associate.


5. Schmitt, Dale, PhD, Professor in History, Full expires 001,

recommended for Associate.


6. Whitmore, Harold, EdD, Professor in Human Development and Learning,

Full expires 011, recommended for Associate.



Action taken by Council: Approved



IV. New Business


A. Editorial Changes Wes Brown, spokesperson

Dr. Brown distributed editorial course description changes for the 2001-2002

catalog to

Council members for information purposes. All editorial changes had been

approved at the

February Graduate Council meeting.




The April Graduate Council meeting will be April 16, 2001 in the East

Tennessee Room.







Approved: Signature on file in Graduate Office

Phillip Scheuerman, Chairman