MINUTES: Graduate Council – December 11, 2000 ? 1:15 p.m., Meeting Room 6. D.P. Culp

MEMBERS PRESENT: Antkiewicz, Champney, Ellis, Herrin, Honaker, Hoover, Kasmai, Lindahl, Osborn, Pike, Pfeiffer, Scheuerman, Smith
ABSENT: Alavi, Green, Norris, Taylor, Woodruff
Guest: Janne Dunham-Taylor, Dan Johnson

I. Minutes of 11/27/00 Meeting
Action taken by Council: Approved

II. Curriculum Sub-Committee - Lee Pike, Spokesperson
A. College of Nursing - Professional Roles/Mental Health Nursing. Three new course proposals and one deletion.
   New Courses:
         1. PMNU 5520 - Fiscal Management in Nursing Administration
         2. PMNU 5560 - Nursing Administration Practicum I
         3. PMNU 5570 - Nursing Administration Practicum II
   Action taken by Council: Approved with minor corrections.

        Deletion of course from Nursing Administration Curriculum:
         1. PMNU 5002 – Health Care Delivery
   Action taken by Council: Approved with addition of approval page.

    B. College of Arts & Sciences - Biological Sciences - Departmental prefix change from BISC to BIOL effective Fall 2001; addition of 6 new courses; deletion of 3 courses, and non-substantive changes in requirements for Biology and Chemistry majors.
     1. Prefix Change - BISC to BIOL
       2. Six new courses:
           BIOL 4147/5147 - Biochemistry of Macromolecules (3 credits)
         BIOL 4157/5157 - Biochemistry of Macromolecules Lab (2 credits)
         BIOL 4167/5167 - Biochemistry of Metabolism (3 credits)
         BIOL 4177/5177 - Biochemistry of Metabolism Lab (2 credit hours)
         BIOL 4277/5277 - Neurobiology (4 credit lecture)
         BIOL 4337/5337 - Plant Systematic (4 credit lecture & lab)
        3. Three course deletions:
         BISC 4117/5117 - General Biochemistry I
         BISC 4127/5127 - General Biochemistry II
         BISC 4657/5657 - Histology
    4. Two non-substantive changes in the requirements for Biology and Chemistry majors:
      Advanced Biology Electives modification
         Biochemistry Concentration within Biology and Chemistry majors’ modification
Action taken by Council: Approved with minor changes and forwarded to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee for action on dual listed undergraduate classes..

    C. College of Public and Allied Health - Environmental Health - Addition of a new course.
         1. ENVH 5760 - Industrial Ventilation
    Action taken by Council: Approved with minor corrections and submission of a request to the Sherrod library for additional text offerings.

V. Old Business
1. Replacement for Lee Pike during Spring 2001 – Dr. Brown, Dean, School of Graduate Studies has agreed to serve as Chair of the Curriculum Sub-Committee while Dr. Pike is on leave during the spring 2001 semester.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:45 p.m.

APPROVED: Signature on file

Scott Champney, Chair