MINUTES: Graduate Council – April 29, 2002, 1:15 p.m., East Tennessee Room – DP Culp

ATTENDEES:  Bitter, Champney, Ellis, Herrin, Lindahl, Pike, Pfeiffer, Scheuerman, Smith


ABSENT: Antkiewicz, Brown, Caton, Green, Greer, Hoover, Kasmai, Osborn, Norris-Thompson, Taylor, Woodruff


I.  Approval of Minutes – March 25, 2002


            Action taken by Council:  Approved.


II.  Graduate Faculty Sub-Committee – Ron Lindahl, spokesperson


A. New Appointments:


1.        Robert Sawyer, English, recommend Associate membership.

2.        Krishna Singh, Physiology, recommend Associate membership.


Action taken by Council: Approved.


B.  Reappointments:


1.        Carroll Hyder, Technology, Full membership expired 013, recommend Full membership.


Action taken by Council:  Approved.


III. Old Business


1.        Graduate Faculty Policy and Form Modification – Ron Lindahl, spokesperson


Action taken by Council:  Deferred.


2.        Evaluating Coursework for Transfer into ETSU Graduate

    Certificate or Degree Programs – Roberta Herrin, spokesperson


   Dr. Herrin distributed revised text, reflecting the Council’s

   recommendations (attachment #1) and a proposed statement for the

   2003-2004 Graduate Catalog (attachment #2).


Action taken by Council:  Approved.


3.        Suggested Revision of Probation Policy and creation of a Graduate Academic Review Board – Roberta Herrin, spokesperson


Dr. Herrin distributed revised text, reflecting the Council’s recommendations regarding the probation policy.  The Council approved Herrin’s recommended membership of a subcommittee to analyze and perhaps establish a Graduate Academic Review Board.  If created, the Board will probably revise the probation policy, which was, therefore, not approved at this time (attachment #3).


Action taken by Council: The Council approved the make up of

      the subcommittee.


4.        Suggested Revision of Revalidation Policy – Roberta Herrin,



   Dr. Herrin presented her findings regarding revalidation of non-

   institutional transfer credit at other universities.  Of ten

   universities surveyed, five responded.  Only one, Virginia Tech,

   revalidates non-institutional transfer credit.                              


Action taken by Council:  Approved as submitted at the March 25, 2002, meeting with one dissenting vote,

Dr. James Bitter.



IV. New Business


A.        Implementing “Defining Our Future” Requirement on the Review of

Academic Programs – Informational Handout


Dr. Herrin informed the Council of the need to review low producing programs. 


V. Adjournment


Signed Minutes on file in Graduate Studies Office



Scott Champney, Chair