MINUTES: Graduate Council November 26, 2001, 1:15 p.m., East Tennessee Room DP Culp

ATTENDEES: Bitter, Brown, Caton, Champney, Ellis, Green, Herrin, Honaker, Kasmai, Lindahl


ABSENT: Antkiewicz, Osborn, Norris-Thompson, Pike, Pfeiffer, Lane, Scheuerman, Smith, Taylor, Woodruff


I. A. Minutes 10/29/01


Action taken by Council: Approved


II. Curriculum Sub-Committee Wesley Brown, spokesperson


A.        College of Arts & Sciences/Department of English Format F Modify admission requirement to include a five to ten page writing sample in addition to the current program admission requirements. The Council asked for clarification of whether the writing sample would be used for admission decisions or graduate assistant assignments. Dr. Herrin was asked to follow up on the language and intent of the proposal.



Action taken by Council: Deferred


III. Graduate Faculty Sub-Committee Ron Lindahl, spokesperson


A.        New Appointments:


1.        Mian Jiang, Chemistry, recommend Associate membership.

2.        Allan D. Spritzer, Management and Marketing, recommend Associate membership.

3.        Steven Christopher Wallace, Geography, Geology & Geomatics, recommend Associate membership.

4.        Clarissa A. Willis, Human Development & Learning, recommend Full membership.

5.        Jane Xuefeng Zhou, Environmental Health, recommend

Associate membership.


Action taken by Council: Approved



B. Reappointments:


1.        Edward A. Baryla, Jr., Economics, Finance, & Urban Studies, Associate expired 011, recommend Associate membership.

2.        Jimmy Dean Hahs, Technology, Associate expired 991, recommend Associate.

3.        Jan Kyzar, Technology, Associate expired 012, recommend Interim membership.

4.        Kurt Loess, Management & Marketing, Associate expires 013, recommend Associate membership.

5.        John D. Morefield, English, Interim expired 011, recommend Interim membership.

6.        Charles V. Roberts, Communication, Full expired 012, recommend Full membership.


7.        L. Thomas Roberts, Physical Education and Exercise Science, Associate expired 012, recommend

Associate membership.

8.        Edith Seier, Mathematics, Associate expires 013, recommend Associate membership.

9.        Donald J. Shemwell, Management & Marketing, Associate

expired 012, recommend Full membership.


Action taken by Council: Approved

IV.            Old Business

A.    Memorandum - CSCI 5857, User Interface Programming Dr. Green provided a memorandum of support stating that the CSCI 5857 course may serve as an elective to graduate studies in the Master of Business Administration or Master of Accountancy programs in the College of Business. This letter of support was requested by Council members at the 10/29/01 meeting in order for the CSCI 5847 course to be approved.


B.    Course Syllabus BIOC 5010/6010 - Council members were given a copy of the course syllabus for BIOC 5010/6010, which was requested at the 10/29/01 Council meeting.


C.    Steve Honaker reminded Council members that the first round of catalog proofs were due back to Graduate School/Registrar by 11/28/01.


V.                New Business


A.    ETSU Course Inventory Audit 2001/2002 Dr. Brown provided a list of graduate courses recommended for inactivation to Council members for review and approval.


College of Applied Science & Technology

CSCI5357 CIM Applications

CSCI5420 Topics in Networking

CSCI5750 Prin Artifi Intel

CSCI5800 Prin Graph/Image

CSCI5817 Prog Lang Compil


College of Arts & Sciences

ARTA5320 Elem School Art

ARTA5450 Art Mentl Retard

BIOL5040 Nutritional Biochemistry

BIOL5041 Nutritional Biochem Lab

BIOL5967 Morpho/Taxon of Insects

MUSC5071 Sem Orff-Schulwk

MUSC5072 Sem Kodaly Cncpt

MUSC5073 Sem Jaques-Dlcrz

MUSC5837 Admin Suzuki Programs

PHIL5030 Modern Philos

PHYS5010 Classical Mechanics

PHYS5020 Classical Mechanics

PHYS5450 Solid State Physics

PHYS5460 Solid State Physics

PHYS5610 Quantum Mechanics

PHYS5620 Quantum Mechanics

PHYS5650 Math Methods

PHYS5660 Math Methods

PHYS5710 Electromag Thry

PHYS5720 Electromag Thry

PHYS5860 Contemporary Physics

PHYS5960 Research/Thesis

PSYC5930 Intern Mntl Hlth

SOAA4407 Soc of Correctns

SOAA5220 Advanced Resrch

SOAA5407 Soc of Correctns

SOAA5600 Seminar Med Soc


College of Business


ACCT5020 Sem Financial Acct II

ACCT5707 Financial Acct Standards

ECON5230 Applied Microecon Theory

ECON5905 Workshop in Economic Educ

PMGT5955 Topics in Public Managem

MKTG5510 Seminar in Marketing

MKTG5957 Topics in Marketing


College of Education


CUAI5200 M Sch/Jr H Curr

CUAI5403 Elem Meth Soc St

CUAI5404 El Lang Art/Rdng

CUAI5418 Creative Drama/Movement

CUAI5960 Thesis

READ5007 Workshop Reading

READ5019 Supervised Teaching

SCED5107 Nat Study Teachers

SCED5113 Science Workshops

SCED5300 Elem Sci Cur Dev

SCED5517 Energy Resources

SCED5950 Sem Sci Educ

SCED5960 Thesis

SCED5990 Readings

HDAL5720 Student Personnel Serv

ELPA6850 Integrating Public Agncs

PEXS5097 Pharm & Substance Ab

PEXS5500 Computer Applications

PEXS5707 Seminar in Sports Med

PEXS5999 Co-Op


College of Public & Allied Health


PUBH5001 Independent Study

PUBH5300 School Hlth Ed

PUBH5320 Hlthful Sch Envr

PUBH5800 Patient Ed Pract



Action taken by Council: Approved


VI.            Adjournment There being no further business the meeting was

adjourned at 2:00 p.m.




Signed minutes on file

Scott Champney, Chair