MINUTES: Graduate Council – January 26, 2004,1:15 p.m., East Tennessee Room – DP Culp

ATTENDEES: Barrett, Taylor, Champney, Hoover, Scheuerman, Ellis, Bitter, Pike, Dixon, Brown, Marrs, Pointer, Powers-Beck, Tedesco,



ABSENT: Davis, Music, Kimberly Norris-Thompson, Whitson


GUEST:  Cornett, Halverson, J. Huang,

I.  Approval of Minutes – November 24, 2003


Action taken by Council:  Approved with the addition of Tuition Scholarship discussion under Paragraph IV. Old Business, Item C.


II. Curriculum Sub-Committee – Lee Pike, Chair


A.    College of Arts & Sciences


1.  Department of Criminal Justice – Addition of one new  


a.     CJCR 5500 – Topical Seminar – 3 credit hours


Action taken by Council:  Approved.


2.     Department of Mathematics – Addition of four dual listed

4xx7/5xx7 classes;


a.        MATH 4027/5027 – Introduction to Applied Mathematics

(3 CH)

            b.  MATH 4327/5327 – Time Series Analysis (3 CH)

            c.  MATH 4357/5357 – Introduction to Topology (3 CH)

d.  MATH 42137/5137 Introduction to Modern Algebra II

    (3 CH)


Action taken by Council:  Approved.


3.    Department of Social Work


A.  Addition of Three new courses:


1.            SOWK 5266 – Gerontological Social Work (3 CH)

2.            SOWK 5306 – Advanced Field Practicum (4 CH)

3.            SOWK 5403 – Administrative Practices in Human Service Organizations – (3 CH)


   B.  Deletion of one course:


1.  SOWK 5416 – Integrated Field Seminar


         C.  Curriculum Revision


a.        Include three modified courses:

1.        SOWK 5208

2.        SOWK 5313

3.        SOWK 5323

B:  Include three new courses listed above.

C.  Delete one course listed above.


Action taken by Council:  Approved.


B.    College Business and Technology – Substantive Curriculum Change Proposal in the Digital Media Concentration of the Technology M.S. Program.


a. Replace two (2) courses in required core:

1.        Add: DIGM 5820 New Media Communication and


                      Delete: DIGM 5831 Interactive Multimedia

2.        Add:  ENTC 5640 Innovative Entrepreneurship OR

                ENTC 5630 Project

                Delete: MGMT 5010 Essentials of Management


            b. Eliminate specialization options (Multimedia,

   Visualization, Hypermedia, Product Design.


c. Addition of one (1) new four (4) credit hour graduate      

   courses and one (1) new three (3) credit hour course:

1.    DIGM 5820 New Media Communication and Research (3)

2.    DIGM 5821 Digital Media as an Art Form (4)


            d. Addition of three (3) new three (3) credit hour graduate


1.    DIGM 5910 Experimental Media I

2.    DIGM 5915 Experimental Media II

3.    DIGM 5970 Digital Media Research Project


e. Addition of three (3) new DIGM courses to replace

   equivalent ENTC courses and one (1) ENTC course:


1.    DIGM 5957 Topics in Digital Media

2.    DIGM 5960 Thesis

3.    DIGM 5970 Digital Media Research

4.    ENTC 5990 Readings and Research


f. Addition of three (3)new and eight (8) replacements

               three (3)credit hour dual listed xxx7 courses:

A.        Three New Courses:

1. DIGM 4617/5617 Advanced Raster-Based Imaging

2. DIGM 4147/5147 Fundamentals of Character


3. DIGM 4627/5627 Compositing


B.        Eight Replacement Courses:

1. DIGM 4637/5637 Advanced Integration Design

       Formerly DIGM 4837/5837 Advanced Multimedia

    2. DIGM 4647/5647 Advanced Animation

                         Formerly DIGM 4847/5847 Advanced Visualization

                      3. DIGM 4657/5657 Advanced Web Design

                         Formerly DIGM 4657/5657 Advanced Hypermedia   

                      4. DIGM 4667/5667 Advanced Product Design

Formerly DIGM 4867/5867 Advanced Product        Design

    5. DIGM 4817/5817 3D Effects Animation

                         Formerly DIGM 5842 Digital Effects Animation

                      6. DIGM 4827/5827 Experimental Digital Video

                         Formerly DIGM 5830 Digital Video

                      7. DIGM 4877/5877 Advanced Modeling & Lighting

 Formerly DIGM 5840 Advanced Modeling &     


    8. DIGM 4887/5887 Technical Direction for


                         Formerly DIGM 5841 Character Animation


g.        Delete 5 courses:

1.        DIGM 4177/5177 Computer Graphics

2.        DIGM 5830 Digital Video

3.        DIGM 5840 Advanced Modeling & Lighting

4.        DIGM 5841 Character Animation

5.        DIGM 5842 Digital Effects Animation


h.        Addition of 11 new one (1)credit hour graduate lab

    courses to support advanced 5xx7 courses:

1.        DIGM 5148 Character Animation Graduate Laboratory

2.        DIGM 5618 Raster-Based Imaging Graduate Laboratory

3.        DIGM 5628 Compositing Graduate Laboratory

4.        DIGM 5638 Interaction Graduate Laboratory

5.        DIGM 5648 Animation Graduate Laboratory

6.        DIGM 5658 Web Design Graduate Laboratory

7.        DIGM 5668 Product Design Graduate Laboratory

8.        DIGM 5818 3D Effects Animation Graduate Laboratory

9.        DIGM 5828 Experimental Digital Video Graduate Laboratory

10.    DIGM 5878 Modeling & Lighting Graduate Laboratory

11.    DIGM 5888 Technical Direction Graduate Laboratory


i.        Change the culminating experience requirement for the

non-thesis option:

1.        Add DIGM 5970 Digital Media Research Project, and

2.        Delete ENTC 5800 Strategic Experience


j.        Revise the guided electives list in catalog to include

    only DIGM options


Action Taken by Council:  Approved and forwarded to Academic Council for approval.



III.  Graduate Faculty Sub-Committee – Wallace Dixon,Chair


A.        Appointments:


1. C. Lindsey King - Sociology/Anthropology

    Recommend - Interim

2. Joel Ryman - Management and Marketing

    Recommend - Full Membership


            Action Taken by Council:  Approved.


B.        Re-Appointments:         


1. William D. Burgess, Jr. - History

    Associate Membership Expires - Spring, 2004

    Recommend - Associate Membership

2. Troy E. Burrow - Environmental Health

    Interim Status Expired - Fall, 2003

    Recommend - Interim Status

3. Rhona Cummings - Curriculum & Instruction

    Full Membership Expires - Spring, 2004

   Recommend - Associate Membership

4. Jeff Knisley - Mathematics

    Associate Membership Expired - Fall, 2003

    Recommend - Associate Membership

5. Hugh LaFollette - Philosophy

    Associate Membership Expires - Spring, 2004

    Recommend - Full Membership

6. Elizabeth W. Ralston - Curriculum & Instruction

    Associate Membership Expired - Fall, 2003

    Recommend - Associate Membership

7. Kenneth Silver - Environmental Health

    Temporary Status Expired - Fall 2003

    Recommend - Associate Membership

8. Haakayoo Zoggyie - Foreign Languages

    Associate Membership Expired - Fall, 2003

    Recommend - Full Membership


        Action Taken by Council:  Approved.



IV.  Old Business


A.        Conditional Admission Policy

B.  Transfer of Credit Policy


      Dr. Brown reported that after the two policies were submitted to

Academic Council the Council recommended that it be reviewed and

revised further before approval by Academic Council.


B.        School of Graduate Studies – Assistant Dean


Dr. Brown introduced the new Assistant Dean for the School of Graduate Studies, Dr. Jeff Powers-Beck.  He also informed the Council that Dr. Herrin was now the new Director for CASS and there would be another Assistant Dean position open.  He encouraged anyone that was interested to apply for the position.


C.        Academic Grade Appeal


Dr. Brown requested volunteers to serve on an upcoming academic grade appeal.  Drs. John Taylor, Martha Pointer, and Donald Hoover agreed to serve.


D.        Readings and Research and Standard Topics


Dr. Brown discussed the readings and research, standard topics courses explaining that these courses have a common rubric number and asked whether it would be feasible to have administrative review only for these type classes rather than bringing them before the entire Graduate Council.  Dr. Brown further explained that he will prepare a list of Thesis, Special Topics, and Independent Study courses for the Graduate Council to review before final approval.


E.        MSN – College of Nursing


Dr. Brown informed Council members that he has just received the electronic file for the new MSN in Nursing and would distribute the link to the Council for review.  He further stated that the RODP courses need to be on the Board of Regents agenda for the April 18th meeting.  The proposal consists of 350 pages including four concentrations and 63 courses.  A special called meeting for February would be called to address this proposal.



V.   Adjournment


      The meeting was adjourned at 2:40 p.m.







Scott Champney, Chair