MINUTES: Graduate Council – June 7, 2004, 1:15 p.m., President’s Conference Room, Dossett Hall

ATTENDEES: Barrett, Bitter, Brown, Champney, Dixon, Pointer, Ellis, Music, Pike, Tedesco, Scheuerman, Taylor, Whitson, Davis


ABSENT: Thompson, Marrs, Hoover, Woodruff


I.  Approval of MinutesApril 26, 2004


Action Taken by Council:      Approved.


II. Graduate Faculty Sub-Committee – Wally Dixon, Chair


A.        Appointments:


1.        Ali A. Tarig, Technology and Geomatics

Recommend Associate Membership


2.        Guanghsu A. Chang, Technology and Geomatics

Recommend Full Membership


3.        Thomas C. Peisl, Marketing and Management

Recommend Temporary Membership 043


4.        Scott Kirby, Chemistry

Recommend Full Membership


5.        Leslie A. McCallister, Sociology & Anthropology

Recommend Associate Membership


6.        Fred G. Tudiver, Family Medicine

Recommend Full Membership


7.        Michael Whitelaw, Physics, Astronomy, and Geology

Recommend Associate Membership


Action Taken by Council:      Approved.



B.        Re-Appointments:


1.        Amelia Brown, Family and Consumer Sciences

Full Membership Expired 033

Recommend Associate Membership


2.        Jamie B. Kridler, Family and Consumer Sciences

Associate Membership Expired 041

Recommend Associate Membership


3.        Robert M. May, Technology and Geomatics

Interim Membership Expired 041

Recommend Temporary Membership


            4.  Donald B. Sanderson, Computer and Information Sciences                  Full Membership Expired041

                Recommend Full Membership


4.        J. Paul Sims, Technology and Geomatics

Associate Membership Expired 041

Recommend Associate Membership


5.        David Tarnoff, Computer and Information Sciences

Interim Membership Expired 033

Recommend Interim Membership


6.        Harold Whitmore, Counseling

Associate Membership Expired 041

Recommend Associate Membership


Action Taken by Council:      Approved.



III. Curriculum Sub-Committee – Lee Pike, Chair


A.  College of Education, Educational Leadership & Policy

Analysis and Human development & Learning - Establish a new concentration in Counselor Leadership in existing Education Specialist degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis program requiring 31 credit hours and the addition of four new courses.


Action Taken by Council:      Approved.



B. The concentration in Counselor Leadership proposal requires

the following four new courses:

1.  HDAL 5563 Advanced Counseling Techniques with Children,

          (3 credit hours)

      2.  HDAL 6563 Advanced Social & Cultural Foundations of

          Counseling, (3 credit hours)

      3.  HDAL 6585 Trauma & Recovery, (3 credit hours)

      4.  HDAL 6593 Advanced Internship & Supervision, (3 credit                                  



Action Taken by Council:      Approved.



C.  College of Business & Technology, Computer & Information

Sciences - Establish four new dual-listed courses:

1.  CSCI 4057/5057 Advanced Internet Technologies,

         (3 credit hours)

      2.  CSCI 4067/5067 Networking Essentials, (3 credit hours)

      3.  CSCI 4097/5097 Emerging Technologies, (3 credit hours)

      4.  CSCI 4127/5127 Database Management Systems I, (3 credit 



            Action Taken by Council:      Approved




D.     College of Business & Technology, Accountancy - Establish one

new course:

1.        ACCT 5510 Seminar in Accounting Regulation, (3 credit



            Action Taken by Council:      Approved


E.    College of Education - Elimination of the GRE requirement from the admission requirements of three programs:

1.        Education Specialist – Students admitted to this program have already taken the GRE.

2.        Special Education – Praxis I will be required for students applying to this program.

3.        Early Childhood Education – Traditionally, the GRE has

not been a valid predictor for success in this program.



            Action Taken by Council:      Approved with two dissenting




IV. New Business


A.        Dr. Brown explained that three individuals from the Sherrod

Library developed an "electronic poster session" for the International Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) Conference. The link to the presentation is http://etd2004.etsu.edu. Included in the information developed, there is available data on the access to ETSU student’s work under results. The University is currently receiving thousands of hits each month allowing our student’s work accessible around the world.


B.        Dr. Brown informed the Council that Dr. Lee Pike is leaving

the Chair of the Graduate Curriculum Sub-Committee this year. 

The Council needs to solicit a new Chair/member for this

valuable sub-committee and requested nominations from the

Council.  The Council thanked Dr. Pike for his service to the

Graduate Council and this sub-committee.



  V.   Adjournment


       The meeting adjourned at 1:55 p.m.





Scott Champney, Chair