MINUTES: Graduate Council – February 28, 2005, 1:15 p.m., President’s Conference Room, Dossett Hall

ATTENDEES: Barrett, Stanley, Champney, Pointer, Hoover, Musick, Tedesco, Scheuerman, Taylor, McIntosh, Powers-Beck, Whitson


ABSENT: Brown, Ellis, Clay, Halverson, Howard, Dixon, Woodruff

GUESTS: Lloyd, Dalton, Van Etteger


I.  Approval of Minutes – January 31, 2005


Action Taken by Council:      Approved.



II. Curriculum Sub-Committee – Martha Pointer, Chair


A.        College of Arts and Sciences

1.    New Concentration in Mathematical Sciences –

A proposed master’s degree concentration in Precollegiate Mathematics will be targeted at in service teachers at regional institutions. This program was developed at the request of several Southwest Virginia school systems that are funding a cohort of teachers willing to participate in the program.


Action Taken by Council:      Approved.


2.    New Course – Department of Mathematics

a.    Math 5450 – Advanced Topics in Graph Theory


   Action Taken by Council:   Approved


3.    New Course – Center for Appalachian Studies and Services

a.    APST 5150 – Seminar in Appalachia and Religion (3 CH)

b.    APST 5337 – Appalachian, Scottish, and Irish Studies in Scotland (3 CH)

c.    APST 5567 – Scottish Ethnology (3 CH)


      Action Taken by Council:      Approved


4.    New Course – Department of Sociology & Anthropology

a.    SOAA 5567 – Scottish Ethnology (3 CH)


Action Taken by Council:      Approved


5.    Social Work Curriculum Revisions

The curriculum elective is being moved from the foundation year into the clinical concentration year and the psychopathology course is being moved from the concentration year into the foundation year. The reason this change is being made is so the elective is used to support the clinical concentration content and thereby enrich the concentration curriculum. The psychopathology course is being moved into the foundation year so that students will have the course content from psychopathology before they take the clinical course content in the concentration year. Our accrediting body's representative, Commissioner Shank, recommended this change in our curriculum in that electives taught in our curriculum should be used to support our concentration curriculum and psychopathology underpins or supports the concentration year clinical treatment courses.


                  Action Taken by Council:      Approved


6.    New Course – Department of Communication

a.    SPCH 5200 – Gender and Communication (3 CH)


Action Taken by Council:      Approved


7.    New Course - College of Education

a.    READ 5961 – Storytelling Capstone Project (Non-



                  Action Taken by Council:      Approved


8.    Public and Allied Health – Change in course number to dual listed course number.

a.    CDIS 4010 – Changed to CDIS 5017 –Speech/Hearing Sciences I (4 CH)

b.    CDIS 4020 – Change to CDIS 5027 – Speech/hearing Sciences II (4 CH)


Action Taken by Council:      Approved



III. Old Business


A.  ETSU Graduate Studies Thesis/Dissertation/Capstone Award Plan – Dr. McIntosh informed the Council that she has distributed email notification and nomination information to all ETSU graduate faculty as requested by the council.  She has already received two nominations.  She has nearly completed putting together a list of graduate faculty members who are willing to serve on one of the five different subcommittees and the list will be sent to Council members when completed.


B.  ETSU School of Graduate Studies Research Grants – Dr. McIntosh stated that she had revised the grant plan to reflect increased dollar figures (up to $500) and to indicate there would be up to eight grants. She has not finished this project as the grants will not be available until next year and her primary focus has been on the Thesis/Dissertation/Capstone Award plan. 


IV.   New Business


A.        Graduate Student Database – Dr. Powers-Beck provided a demonstration of the MPH graduate student database that he has been working on for Dr. Beth Hogan, Public Health.  He explained that the Graduate School will make this available to all graduate programs if they wish to use it. Individual database development and information will reside in the home departments.


B.        Graduate Studies New On-Line Application – Dr. Powers-Beck

informed Council members that within the next couple of weeks

there would be a new on-line application for graduate

admission.  The new on-line form may take students a little longer to complete but will provide a more professional look as well as greater options and more information to the student and the College.  It will allow for auto credit card payment as well which the School of Graduate Studies does not have at this time. It will also include a check-box for students requesting consideration for graduate assistantships and/or tuition scholarships.


C.        EndNote Software – Dr. McIntosh explained that the EndNote

Software item was being provided as an information item.  It is available at the Sherrod Library and is a bibliographic management software called EndNote,  that is now available on site license.  EndNote software has been loaded on the ETSU server and is available  for your download and use in one of the ETSU servers.  This citation management software is for the use of ETSU faculty, staff and graduate students only.


D.        TOEFL Study – Dr. Powers-Beck explained to Council members

that ETS is coming out with a new Internet Based TOEFL in the

fall, and they’ve completed their first field tests of the

new TOEFL in comparison with the Computer-Based Test and

Paper-Based Tests. Dr. Powers-Beck proposed that the new

scoring standards be included in this year’s graduate

catalog. A score of 79 would be the range comparison that

would equate to a computer-based total of 213 or a paper-

based 550 that ETSU currently uses as a TOEFL score.


      Action Taken by Council:  Approved for next

  year’s catalog based upon a review of the internet

  base-TOEFL scores for consistency with computer-based

  and paper-based TOEFL scores.



          V.      Next Meeting


The next two meetings of the Graduate Council are scheduled in the recently renovated President’s Conference Room, second Floor, Dossett Hall, 1:15 p.m. Please mark your calendars to reflect this change in meeting rooms for March 28m 2995 and April 25, 2005.


  VI.   Adjournment


       The meeting adjourned at 2:15 p.m.






Scott Champney, Chair