MINUTES: Graduate Council – January 31, 2005, 1:15 p.m., East Tennessee Room, D.P. Culp Center

ATTENDEES: Barrett, Stanley, Brown, Champney, Dixon, Pointer, Hoover, Music, Howard, Marrs, Tedesco, Scheuerman, Taylor, Halverson, McIntosh


ABSENT: Ellis, Clay, Woodruff

GUESTS: Freeberg, C. Bishop, C. Taylor


I.  Approval of Minutes – November 29, 2004


Action Taken by Council:      Approved.



II. Curriculum Sub-Committee – Martha Pointer, Chair


A.        College of Public and Allied Health

1.    New Health Care Management Graduate Certificate –

The HCMC curriculum was revised and refined to both strengthen the offering and to prepare for on-line administration.  Course content deficiencies and overlap were addressed and a conceptual model was utilized to redefine course sequencing and assure interdisciplinarity of the courses offered.


Action Taken by Council:      Approved.


B.        College of Education

1.    New Course – CUAI 5700 – Portfolio Development 3 CH)

As more and more candidates are required to prepare portfolio documentation of professional growth within school systems and since pre-service teacher educators prepare portfolio documentation of their development prior to becoming licensed practitioners, it seems only logical that candidates for the master’s degree in elementary and/or secondary should also be equipped with knowledge of this process.


                  Action Taken by Council:      Approved.




III. Graduate Faculty Sub-Committee Report, Dr. Wally Dixon


A.        October 20, 2005 Graduate Faculty Sub-Committee Meeting


1.        New Appointments:


Patricia A. Cutspec, Recommend Associate membership.       

Chris S. Dula, Recommend Associate membership.

Jean S. Hamm, Recommend Associate membership.

Theresa McGarry, Recommend Associate membership.

Tamera Pearson, Recommend Associate membership.

Felix Sarubbi, Recommend Full membership.

Jacek Smurzynski, Recommend Full membership.

Linda Turnbo, Recommend Associate membership.


            Action Taken by Council:      Approved.        


2.  Re-appointments:


      Tammy Barnes, Recommend Temporary membership.

      Ed Baryla, Recommend Associate membership.

      Ting-Heng Chu, Recommend Associate membership.

      David Dixon, Recommend Associate membership.

      Michael Dunn, Recommend Associate membership.

      Jimmy Dean Hahs, Recommend Temporary membership.

      Mian Jiang, Recommend Associate membership.

      Tim McDowell, Recommend Full membership.

      Patty Gibbs Wahlberg, Recommend Associate membership.

      Qing Yuan, Recommend Associate membership.


                  Action Taken by Council:      Approved.


B.        January 21, 2005 Graduate Faculty Sub-Committee Meeting


1.        New Appointments:


      Jane Dresser, Recommend Interim membership.

      Ronald Giles, Recommend Associate membership.

      Angela Lewis, Recommend Associate membership.

      Carmen McCrea, Recommend Interim membership.

      Constance Morrison, Recommend Associate membership.        

      Blaine Schubert, Recommend Interim membership.

      Norma Parker Wilson, Recommend Associate membership.


                  Action Taken by Council:      Approved.  


2.  Re-appointments:



Andrea Clements, Recommend Full membership.

Michael Code, Recommend Full membership.

Graham Disque, Recommend Full membership.

Karen Harrington, Recommend Full membership.

Bert Lampson, Recommend Full membership.

Peter Pawlowicz, Recommend Associate membership.

Krishna Singh, Recommend Full membership.


            Action Taken by Council:      Approved.  


IV. Old Business


A.        ETSU Graduate Studies Award Plan (Version 2) – Dr. McIntosh presented revised copies of the ETSU School of Graduate Studies Thesis, Dissertation, and Capstone Award Plan based upon suggestions made at the November 29, 2004 Graduate Council Meeting. After several comments and much discussion over the nomination procedures and implementation strategies, the Graduate Council made the following recommendation:


Dr. McIntosh was requested to establish a nomination form to facilitate the nomination process and will create a distribution list of all ETSU Graduate Faculty members in order to send information on the award plan and solicit student nominations in the categories of Thesis, Dissertation or Capstone project.


        Action Taken by Council:  Approved idea of

        having a Graduate School Thesis, Dissertation,

        and Capstone Award.


V.   New Business


A.        ETSU School of Graduate Studies Research Grants – Dr.

McIntosh reviewed the first version of the above plan

Graduate Council members.  This proposal was developed in

order to increase sources of financial support for ETSU

graduate student research, increase profile of graduate

education at ETSU, and help promote excellence in graduate

education.  Dr. McIntosh will make revisions suggested by the

Graduate Council and submit a final version to Council for



              Action Taken by Council:  Approved in concept

with minor revisions.  Award amount to be

maximum amount of $800 for eight awards.


VI.            Next Meeting


The next meeting of the Graduate Council will be held in the recently renovated President’s Conference Room, second Floor, Dossett Hall, 1:00 p.m.  Linda Wyatt will try to schedule the remainder of the Graduate Council meetings for this fiscal year in the President’s Conference Room.


  VI.   Adjournment


       The meeting adjourned at 2:15 p.m.





Scott Champney, Chair