MINUTES: Graduate Council – November 29, 2004, 1:15 p.m., East Tennessee Room, D.P. Culp Center

ATTENDEES: Barrett, Stanley, Brown, Powers-Beck, Champney, Dixon, Pointer, Hoover, Music, Howard, Marrs, Tedesco, Scheuerman, Taylor, Whitson, Halverson, McIntosh

ABSENT: Ellis, Clay, Woodruff
GUESTS: Samples, Bishop


I.  Approval of Minutes – September 27, 2004

Action Taken by Council: Approved.

II. Curriculum Sub-Committee – Martha Pointer, Chair

    1. College of Business and Technology
      1. New Certificate in Emerging Technology - New technologies in computer science and information technology are being developed continually. Working professionals need to keep abreast of the changing nature of the field. The proposed certificate program
      2. will attract students in the area that need to update their technical skills but who do not want to pursue a master’s degree. Action Taken by Council: Approved and forwarded to academic council for approval.

      3. New Course - PMGT 5300 Not-for-Profit Resource Development (three credit hours).
      4. Action Taken by Council: Approved.

      5. Curriculum Change – Master of Accountancy - Change the current title "Guided Electives" to the title "Business Core Courses." Delete the wording from "Nine credits of approved coursework from the following. Delete the following courses from the list: BADM 5300 Economic and Financial Decision Making; BADM 5320 Operations Strategy.
      6. Action Taken by Council: Approved.

      7. Curriculum Change – Master of Business Administration -

      BADM 5160, Information Infrastructure, will be deleted from the MBA curriculum as a required course. BADM 5170, Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation, will be inserted into the curriculum to replace BADM 5160 as a required course. BADM 5160 will be retained as an elective course.

      Action Taken by Council: Approved.

    2. College of Public and Allied Health
      1. New Degree – Master of Science in Allied Health Seventeen New Courses
        1. ALHE 5000 – Information Technology in Allied Health SciencesALHE 5010 – Clinical Teaching StrategiesALHE 5050 – Legal and Ethical Issues in Allied HealthALHE 5060 – Fundamentals of Curriculum ManagementALHE 5070 – Leadership Theory for Health Care
        2. Delivery

        3. ALHE 5100 – Interdisciplinary Health Care TeamsALHE 5150 – Population Health Issues for the Allied Health ProfessionalALHE 5550 - Assessment, Planning, and Evaluation
        4. ALHE 5300 – Administration at the Department

        Level j. ALHE 5500 – Methods of Allied Health Researchk. ALHE 5700 – Strategic Initiatives for Allied Health l. ALHE 5800 – Advanced Practice Seminar in ALHEm. ALHE 5900 – Independent Study in Allied Health n. ALHE 5910 – Seminaro. ALHE 5950 – Special Topics in Allied Healthp. ALHE 5960 – Thesisq. ALHE 5990 – Readings and Research

        Action Taken by Council: Approved and forwarded to Academic Council for approval.

      2. New Course – PUBH 5457 – Not-for-Profit Resource Development (three credit hours).

Action Taken by Council: Approve

III. Graduate Faculty Sub-Committee Report, Dr. Wally Dixon

This report was deferred until January 29, 2005 Council Meeting.

IV. Old Business

    1. Space Issues – Dr. Brown explained that the Graduate School building/space issues are still being addressed. He will keep the Council informed of additional information as it becomes available.

V. New Business

    1. ETSU Graduate Studies Awards – As part of the Graduate School initiative to further increase the profile of graduate education at ETSU, Dr. McIntosh discussed the

proposed plans for the development of an annual award in three categories: dissertation, thesis, and capstone project (non-thesis culminating project). Nominations for the award would come from ETSU graduate faculty members. The awards would be reviewed by a subcommittee of the ETSU Graduate Council and the assistant dean of the School of Graduate Studies. The research awards would recognize outstanding graduate students for their achievements, increase profile of graduate education at ETSU, and help promote excellence in graduate education. After much discussion of the proposal, it was recommended that Dr. McIntosh revise the document and bring it back to the Council for consideration at the January 2005 meeting.


V. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 2:15 p.m.

Scott Champney, Chair