Graduate Council – Minutes
East Tennessee State University
February 28, 2006 – 1:15 p.m.
President’s Conference Room – Dossett Hall  

Attending: Scott Champney, Don Hoover, Paul Trogen, Cecilia McIntosh, Wesley Brown, Jasmine Renner, Martha Pointer, Tiffany Houston, Jeff Powers-Beck, Robert Sawyer, Wallace Dixon, Mary Ellen Musick, Helene Halvorson, Mark Ellis, Jo-Ann Marrs, and Queen Brown

  1. Approval of November Minutes – November 28, 2005 minutes were approved with no corrections.
  1. Curriculum Committee – Dr. Martha Pointer – no action
  1. Graduate Faculty Sub-Committee

I. New Applicants for Graduate Faculty Status

Name Current Recommended Remarks

Tim E. Aldrich Temp Full

David Blair Temp Interim

Wesley Buerkle New Associate

Olga Cabello New Full

Wafaa Fawzy New Associate

Travis Graves New Associate

Janet “Michelle” Gurley New Interim

Kevin Shane Keene New Interim

Dhirendra Kumar Temp Full

Shawna Lichtenwalner New Associate

Yali Liu Temp Associate

Brian Martin New Associate

Douglas Masini New Associate

Christine Newell New Associate

Robert Nielsen Temp Interim

Edward Pomerantz Temp Interim

Donald Samples New Associate

Alan Shields New Full

Phyllis Thompson New Associate

David Young New Associate

Action Taken by Council: Approved

II. Re-applications for Graduate Faculty Status

Name Current Recommended Remarks

Gordon Bailes Full Associate

Tammy Barnes Temp Assocate

Cecil Blankenship Full Associate

Ute Breese Interim Interim

Martha Coutonbo Full Full

Dennis Defoe Full Full

Edward Dwyer Full Full

Charles Gunter, Jr. Interim Interim

Dennis Hamm Interim Interim

Frances Jackson Temp Interim

John Kalbfleisch Full Full

Foster Levy Full Full

Michael Marchioni Full Associate

Daryl Stephens Temp Associate

Chris Wallace Temp Interim

David Williams Full Full

Ugur Yavas Full Full

Action Taken by Council: Approved with exception – delete Olga Cabello from reapplication since listed on the new applicants.

  1. Old Business
    1. Suggested Guidelines for Outstanding Thesis, Dissertation, and Capstone Project nominees – Dr. Cecilia McIntosh:
    2. As suggested a modification of #3 was incorporated in guidelines as “clearly defined goals.” Grammatical changes of items 1, 2, and 3 were discussed. Dr. McIntosh suggested these were guidelines for the selection committee and should not be distributed to students.
  1. New Business
  1. Report on students selected for Graduate Council and Grad School Student Research Grant Program – Dr. Cecilia McIntosh:

The Graduate Students Research Grant Awardees for 2006 report was made by Dr. McIntosh. Those students selected and the selection members who served were distributed to the council members. The selection process of students was discussed. Twenty applications were received and ten graduate students were selected by the committee. The students selected have received their award money in the amount of $500 each and a press release was issued on Friday. The names of recipients and their thesis or dissertation research are as follows:

    1. Barnard, Danielle M. S. Biology “Antiboitic Resistance in Staphylococcus
    2. Carter, Daryl M.A. History “Life and Public Career of Robert Francis Kennedy”
    3. Garman, Tabetha M. A. History “Religious Tolerance in the New World – the Flushing Remonstrance”
    4. Hall, Kimberlee M. S. Environmental Health Sciences “Observational Survey of Toxoplasma godii in the Sinking Creek Watershed using PCR Amplification”
    5. Magness, Melissa DSN(Doctor Science, Nursing) “Self-Management of Two Diabetes in Appalachian Women”
    6. Manning, Josh MFA Ceramics “Utilizing Technologies”
    7. May, John E. MFA Photography “Small Family Owned Tobacco Farms – Adapting to the Changing Future”
    8. Miller, Samara M.S. Biology “The Effects of Rain on Extinction of the Tim-Memory of the Honey Bee”
    9. Southern, Timothy Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences “Characterization of Heparin Binding Motifs of the EcCD22 Protein”
    10. Vanover, Jennifer Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences “Induction of Chlamydial Persistence by HSV2 Co-Infection”
  1. Volunteers to chair the Outstanding Thesis, Dissertation, and Capstone Project awards for 2006 – Dr. Cecilia McIntosh:

Dr. McIntosh made an appeal for volunteers from the Graduate Council to chair the selection committees. Those council members present were asked to consider chairing a selection committee. The deadline to receive applications is March 15, 2006 and the selection process should take from two to four weeks.

  1. Report on doctoral programs and Low program reviews:

Dr. Brown gave a detailed report on doctoral programs and the recent rating from the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. ETSU received a rating based on Ph.D. awarded in 2003-04 and there were none. Since the rating (last five years), ETSU has approved seven doctoral programs. The choices from the report were as follows:

The rating next time should be doctoral professional based on ETSU total inventory of programs. The snapshot of the Carnegie Foundation is as follows:

ETSU rating:

Level: 4 year

Control: Public

Total Enrollment: 11, 869


Undergraduate Bal/HGC: balanced arts & sciences/professions,

Instructional Programs: high graduate coexistence

Graduate Instructional

Programs: 5-Doc/Ed: Single doctoral (education)

Enrollment Profile: HU: High undergraduate

Undergraduate Profile: FT4/S/HTI: Full-time four-year, selective, higher


Size and Setting: L4/NR: Large four-year, primarily nonresidential


Graduate degree program classification is based on fewer than 50 degrees;

Classifications may be unstable.

Undergraduate program classification: the percentage of majors is within 5 percentage points of a category border (professions direction).

Undergraduate program classification: the graduate coexistence measure is within 5 percentage points of the category with lower coexistence.

  1. Other – Graduate School new business:

Announcements – Dr. Jo-Ann Marrs stated the Nursing RODP program has been approved and accredited.

Dr. Powers-Beck announced the deadline for the James H. Quillen Scholarship has been extended to March 15, 2006.

  1. Adjournment:

The meeting adjourned at 2:15 p.m. Scott Champney, chairperson